Vaishvik Bhartiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit | UPSC

Vaishvik Bhartiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit | UPSC


PM to inaugurate Vaishvik Bhartiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit on 2nd October

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MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Science and Technology
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Science and Technology : Summits


For PRELIMS it is important to grasp the objective , focus areas and the theme of this summit .

For MAINS go through the initiative once . This can be embedded into issues relevant to Research and Development . Let us dive in !


Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate Vaishvik Bhartiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit on 2nd October



  • Multiple emerging challenges in today’s global ecosystem are in urgent need of attention.
  • Global challenges such as climate change and health issues have a special connotation in the Indian perspective and require immediate considerations.

Ideation through Virtual Associations’, ‘Complementary Research’ and ‘Collaborative Development’ are emergent phenomena of this decade.

  • Interdisciplinary Innovations’ and ‘Extensions of Research’ for development drive rapid turnaround of solutions to common issues confronting the world.
  • Collaboration is the new driver of Innovation!

A framework for systematic and objective driven collaboration between international academia with Indian roots and our own national luminaries is the necessity.

  • This will pave the way for country’s advancement in academics and scientific research.
  • There exist numerous initiatives and policies instituted by Government of India to partner with Indian talent working overseas.
  • It is time to evolve new ideas and bridge the varied experiences and proficiency of diverse academic cultures to push forward the cause of India.
  • Collaborative avenues will have a symbiotic bearing whereby Indian Diaspora will be able to connect with their roots.
  • Thus Indian culture can imbibe the best practices from the global experiences in academics and research.


  • Vaishwik Bharatiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit is a collaborative initiative by S&T and Academic Organisations of India.
  • VAIBHAV Summit will enable deliberations on thought process, practices and R&D culture with a problem solving approach for well defined objectives.

The VAIBHAV initiative aims to bring out the comprehensive roadmap to leverage the expertise and knowledge of global Indian researcher for solving emerging challenges.

  • By bringing the Indian Overseas and Resident academicians/scientists together a structure of association will be evolved.
  • The aim of summit is to reflect in-depth on the collaboration and cooperation instruments with academia and scientists in India.
  • The goal is to create an ecosystem of Knowledge and Innovation in the country through global outreach.


  • The virtual summit will be inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister on 2nd October’2020.
  • This inauguration in the virtual presence of registered academia and researchers from across the world.
  • This will be followed by online month-long deliberation sessions through webinar mode.


  • Concluding session is planned on 7th November on Sir CV Raman Jayanti.

The Summit aims to bring out mechanisms of advancements in education, research and entrepreneurship in India.

  • This is a joint effort of all S&T and Academic organisations.


  • Innovation culture acts as a catalyst to remain contemporary in product development by creating a vibrant ecosystem.
  • To boost the innovation ecosystem in India, Vaibhav will add a new dimension to Atal Innovation Mission.

Summit aims to give an impetus to the objectives of Atal Innovation Mission by leveraging the collaborative experience .

  • Vaibhav summit seeks active support and ideation from Indian Diaspora for developing skills of Indian aspirants in alignment with the New Educational Policy.

In the current scenario of global growth of science, technology and academics the key factors to boost R&D are:

  • Cooperative Development
  • Complementary Expansion
  • Inter-disciplinary Extension

Vaishvik Bhartiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit | UPSC

Vaibhav points towards the system of collaboration as the new innovation.


  • Bring Indian luminaries in academic institutes and R&D Organisations across the world, on a single platform.

Bring together varied experiences and proficiency of diverse academic cultures together to push forward the research outcomes.

  • Thus they will debate upon the collaboration mechanisms and methods to strengthen S&T base in India, with their counterparts working in India.


  • Re-establishing the Vedic concept of Vishwavidyalaya as a global university
  • Enhance domestic institutional R&D capacities by amalgamating global knowledge and expertise of Non-Resident Indians.

To create a synergy between Indian academicians and foreign academicians of Indian descent.

  • Identify the Niche areas of blue-sky research for economically viable concerted outcomes to leapfrog India as a global research destination


  • Vaibhav Summit will be inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2nd October.
  • This will be followed by one-month long brainstorming of experts as panel discussions.
  • Thus they will be able to carve a path for future collaboration in the areas of interest.
  • The discussion to be led by an identified leader/moderator.


  • Mechanisms for accomplishing various types of education, research and Entrepreneurship aspects of the scientific tasks

Generic Policies and Schemes for enabling the collaborations

  • Specific areas of collaborations
  • Alignment to Global Standards and Best Practices in the Vertical Research.


  • Vaibhav Summit invites participation from overseas academicians & scientists for the constructive dialogue .
  • The topics or collaboration mechanisms will be in the fields of Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Social Sciences, Medicine and Management etc.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • With Indian roots, global outlook and experience, accomplished scientists, researchers and academicians of Indian descent, around the world can play a vital part in the AatmaNirbhar Bharat initiative.
  • ‘Vaibhav Summit’ is planned with the Indian Diaspora working in the World’s top universities & R&D organisations to strengthen the factors enabling the outcome driven research and education.
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