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EDITORIAL HUNT #327 :“The Widening Gap between World’s Rich vs Poor in 2021 | UPSC

Rich vs Poor in 2021

Shelley Walia
The Widening Gap between World’s Rich vs Poor in 2021 | UPSC

Shelley Walia is Professor Emeritus at Panjab University, Chandigarh and is the author of ‘Humanities at the Crossroads’


The dream of a borderless world


More than the biological virus, civilisation is experiencing a pandemic of barriers and barricades across the world



How long the debate ‘Rich vs Poor in 2021’ turn a deaf ear to the demands of those who want to break out of the confines of chauvinism or racial fanaticism? Comment -(GS 1)


  • Gaps between Rich and Poor
  • Ideals of Racism
  • Real Picture
  • Rights for everyone
  • Way Forward



  • THE DIVISIONS : The more you see images of racist violence, we are compelled to think that the world needs to rise above the frenzy of labels of race, gender, caste, religion and political bias, and begin, instead, to address as one people the issues that are far more crucial to humanity.

More than the biological coronavirus, civilisation is indeed experiencing an excruciating world-wide pandemic of barriers and barricades.

  • RISING INCOME INEQUALITY : Income inequality is the unequal distribution of household or individual income across the different participants in the economy.



  • IDEAL OF RACISM : Sorrowfully, racism now seems to be embedded in the very idea of the fence.
  • VIGILANTISM : The world overflows with stern vigilantism, the cold and heartless bureaucracy, the secret agents and the terrorising state apparatus. The onslaught is on the people, jobless and homeless, with no choices in their own land.
  • MIGRATIONS AND MIGRANTS : Migration occurs owing to the unbearable suffering in war-torn homelands lacking social security, or the construction of mega-dams that drive out the native farmers from their land, the only means of their subsistence.

Migrants are increasingly treated like cargo, with no rights at all.

  • STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE : Rich nations who believe in free trade do not realise that the migrants who have come to their shores in the face of death are not their “clients but sellers” of their labour, their blood, sweat and tears.
  • BASIC NEEDS : The fence keeps them at bay from vast stretches of land preventing thousands from cultivating on the land that rightly belongs to them. Surely, clean air, drinking water, health care, land and shelter and food are their birthright.

Rich vs Poor in 2021

SOURCES : CANVA | Rich vs Poor in 2021


  • BORDERLESS WORLD : A different image comes to mind when you visualise a borderless earth from far away in space. The arsenal of concertina wires and checkposts are not visible.
  • BOUNDARIES SUBMERGE : Also, You do not see the barriers of language, culture or distance from here.

The blockade of Gaza where two million Palestinians “caged in a zoo” that could easily be a toxic slum with negligible access to medicines, food, electricity or drinking water.

  • PRO-DIVERSITY : A world undivided by race, gender, religion or nationalities, a global consciousness unabashedly pro-diversity that is like the white cloud moving freely or the blue sky stretching far into the horizon, a peaceful land that gives you a deep sense of belonging.


  • FENCES ARE BROKEN : As a river bursts out of a dam that its gushing waters find irksome, fences too are broken by rebels incarcerated for no crime but the love of freedom or a happier tomorrow. Ex : Mexico Migrants
  • CARNIVAL OF OPPRESSION : The wandering cloud or the effortless river is a souvenir of rebels dancing on the edge of chaos, between the broken and the built, each telling her untold story of frozen in its linearity and intransigence.
  • DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS : Their action is the action of life, powerful as the the rich and the powerful in their palaces and in the state buildings gradually beginning to feel insecure.


  • JINGOISM : The fence is a testimony of death and terror of race and ultra-nationalism, something Mexicans or Palestinians, cut off as we are from the rest of the world lest we infect it with an unsurpassable wave of death and human suffering.

  • VIGILANCE : Surveillance, lockdowns and military vigilance at the borders are a lame excuse of self defence camouflaging the tyranny of the majority aiming at the expulsion of the “other”.
  • BIGOTRY ON RISE : Between the rich and the poor, the suburbia of poverty and hunger, between the mosque and the temple, there is the jarring sense of imbalance, screaming out in a burlesque of the inordinate magnificence of bigotry and self-indulgence.

      IASbhai Windup: 


  • POWER POLITICS : The only option left is to peacefully send across the fences their messages and songs of resistance that reverberate across the world with the ideas of revolution and hope, of emancipation and freedom from the tyranny of the handful who rule the world.

  • GROWING REVOLUTIONS : The rebel voices, sooner or later, will remember their poets and the songs of their past that will penetrate the fences, tear them down in globally interconnected social movements when the extremes of wealth and poverty will no longer be endured.
       SOURCES:   THE HINDU EDITORIAL HUNT | The Widening Gap between World’s Rich vs Poor in 2021 | UPSC


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