SWITCH UAV-World's most customizable UAV | UPSC

SWITCH UAV-World’s most customizable UAV | UPSC


Army inks $20 mn deal with ideaForge for UAV

      WHY IN NEWS:

‘Indigenous technology for surveillance’

MINISTRY? :- Ministry of Defence


The Indian Army has signed a $20-million contract with ideaForge, a player in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology

  • Indian army will procure undisclosed quantities of a high-altitude variant of SWITCH UAV, an indigenous system used in surveillance operations.


  • SWITCH UAV is an indigenous system built to cater to the most demanding surveillance operations of the Indian forces.

This fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing UAV can be deployed at high altitudes and under harsh environments for day and night surveillance.

  • UAV player ideaForge has been awarded this one-year contract after it qualified the operational requirements in an evaluation done in real-world conditions.
  • The contract marks a strategic shift in the Indian defence procurement process.
  • SWITCH UAV is a first of its kind VTOL and fixed wing hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

SWITCH UAV-World's most customizable UAV | UPSC

SWITCH UAV-World’s most customizable UAV


  • SWITCH features advanced flight time, higher safety and simple operation with additional fail-safe redundancies.

It is used for long duration operations, long endurance surveillance and security, inspection and photogrammetry. 


  • Endurance : > 120 minutes
  • Range (LoS): 15 km
  • Weight: < 6.5 kg
  • Wind Resistance: Up to 10.8 knots or 20 km/h
  • Vehicle Size: ~ 2.6 m x 1.8 m
  • Ingress Protection: IP53 Rated for Dust & Water Resistance
  • Max Launch Altitude: 4000 m AMSL
  • Max Operating Altitude: 1000 m AGL


  1. ANTI TERROR : Detect threats and identify risk-prone areas from a remote location.
  2. BORDER SECURITY : Conduct reconnaissance missions and track illegal activities without risking lives
  3. COUNTER INSURGENCY : Conduct surveillance and gather actionable intelligence
  4. CRIME CONTROL : Enhance law enforcement with remote situation assessment and crime scene analysis.
  5. CROWD MONITORING : Detect irregular activity and gain in-depth situational awareness.
  6. DISASTER MANAGEMENT : Gain real-time knowledge of the situation and plan search and rescue operations effectively
  7. FOREST & WILDLIFE : Track criminal activity and boost conservation efforts
  8. TRAFFIC MONITORING : Analyze and control traffic movement and respond to emergencies more effectively
  9. PRECISION AGRICULTURE : Analyze crop growth pattern and inspect crops for diseases quickly
  10. CONSTRUCTION & REAL ESTATE : Inspect buildings, bridges, rail lines and other infrastructure without scaffolding or booms.
  11. INDUSTRIAL ASSET INSPECTION : Examine solar farms and detect anomalies with fewer or no personnel
  12. MINING : Use aerial surveys and photogrammetry to improve blast optimization


  • Multiple GPS for redundancy
  • Return home on low battery
  • Return home on high winds


SWITCH UAV-World's most customizable UAV | UPSC


ideaForge is India’s largest manufacturer of drones for defence, homeland security and industrial applications.

  • Founded in 2007 by IIT-Bombay alumni, the organization has a consistent market share of over 90% in Security & Surveillance segment.
  • The organization is a licensed manufacturer of UAVs approved by Ministry of Defence (MoD).

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • ideaForge is the first organization to indigenously develop and manufacture Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) UAVs in India.
  • It is the pioneer in the UAV industry in India and has multiple IPs to its credit, including the then world’s lightest autopilot in 2009.
  • Currently, the organization has deployed over 1000 systems and has trained over 1400 pilots in services including Indian Army, Navy, Air-Force, all CAPFs (CRPF, BSF, NSG, etc).
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