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“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” –John Wooden

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EDITORIAL HUNT 87 :“Scripting a new narrative for COVID control


Social Vaccine for Covid-19

M.S. Seshadri

M.S. Seshadri is Retired Professor of Medical Endocriniology, Christian Medical College, Vellore and now Medical Director, Thirumalai Mission Hospital, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.


Scripting a new narrative for COVID control


If social vaccine is the legacy of HIV control, that of novel coronavirus control ought to be more far-reaching

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3:Diseases:Social Vaccine for Covid-19


“Social vaccine” stimulates society’s protective knowledge and practices countering major health threats. Discuss (GS-3). 


In this Article you will learn about How A social vaccine for COVID-19 can be designed .

  • A breif comparision in approaches of HIV vs COVID-19
  • Lockdown effects
  • and most important a practical approach of owning a social vaccine for COVID-19 !


In epidemics as in war, underestimating the enemy is a costly mistake.  

  • India had warning about the COVID-19 epidemic in China spreading to neighbouring countries well ahead of virus importations; yet, the nation faltered.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING : Strategy planning is dynamic, with revisions as the ground reality changes.

“In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable.”-Eisenhower 

  • UNDERSTANDING THE  OUTBREAK : India’s early strategy (traditional pandemic control: prevent virus importations from China and neighbouring countries and interrupt importation-related local spread) succeeded,
  • UNCONTROLLED OUTBREAK : Importations from the West and West Asian countriesbefore they were red flagged seeded local outbreaks in several places.
  • ABRUPT CALLS : As transmission is through social contacts, social distancing in its extreme form (a nation-wide lockdown) was declared early and abruptly, from March 24 midnight.



  Indian experts are skilful to imbibe, distil and translate information into practical, socioculturally appropriate action plans.


  • MULTI-PRONGED INTERVENTIONS : When HIV importations and local spread were detected, Indian experts studied the situation, and, rejecting advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) for only “syndromic diagnosis” of AIDS, devised — “social vaccine” including hospital infection control and innovative laboratory-testing tactic called sentinel surveillance.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE : For safe blood transfusion, lab-testing was mandatory.
  • SPECIFICITY : Sensitivity and specificity of HIV lab tests were near 100%.

For COVID-19, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests were necessary to detect importations and contact screening.


  • MONITORING APPROACH : Epidemics were asynchronous in different States; the simplest way to monitor epidemic growth was criteria-based clinical diagnosis and confirmation by PCR when deemed necessary. Instead, India blindly continues WHO advice: “test, test, test”.
  • NEGLECTING COMMUNITY SPREAD : COVID-19 community spread was denied for too long, promoting epidemic expansion and deaths particularly among health-care personnel.
  • TOTAL TEST : By May 18, testing covered 0.17% of India’s population, detecting almost 100,000 infections.
  • We cannot use such data to assess the magnitude of the epidemic.
  • BEHAVIOURAL PATTERNS :   Community transmission of HIV was the signal for the public to change behaviour and take precautions.

Social vaccine included public education and social mobilisation; its legacy is red ribbon clubs in schools and colleges.

  • AWARENESS : Early warning and public education would have slowed the epidemic and saved lives.


  • ANCIENT JAIN WISDOM : Jain munis, realising there are organisms in aerosols and droplets, wear masks to avoid inhaling them — a unique preventive measure born out of ancient wisdom.
  • UNIVERSAL MASK : Hong Kong and Taiwan demonstrated the value of universal mask-wearing to mitigate the current pandemic.


  Specific epidemiologic and clinical criteria and basic blood tests provide a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19; PCR is useful to confirm this.


  • MILD SYMPTOMS : Home quarantine of all with mild symptoms is simple and safe.
  • SUPERVISION : Their medical supervision should be through daily phone calls with the assigned doctor.
  • SCANNING : For those with breathing difficulty, a chest X ray or CT scan identifies pneumonia.

This approach would have fetched us more gains for less expense.

  • REDUNDANT TESTING  : The original testing policy was essential at first, but became redundant and misleading by end-March.
  • EVAPORATING MONEY : Why evaporate the public exchequer for little or limited public benefit? Now the best use of tests is to confirm clinical diagnosis.

  Lockdowns hurt lives, livelihoods and economy, while non-COVID-19 problems go unattended.


We have far fewer citizens above 60 than the United States and Europe; flattening the mortality curve is eminently feasible and culturally appropriate.

  • RISK OF HIGH MORTALITY : Those over 60 years, and those with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease and obesity.
  • SOCIAL NORMS : The norm in urban middle class and rural families is to protect old parents and vulnerable family members.
  • COCOONING :This demanded cocooning (reverse quarantine) the elderly and the vulnerable.

  “Social vaccine” stimulates society’s protective knowledge and practices countering major health threats.

  • MOBILISATION : Social mobilisation subsumes public education for attitudinal and behavioural changes to overcome social determinants of microbial transmission.

      IASbhai Windup: 


  • LOCALISED DECENTRALISATION : A COVID-19 committee as a practical platform in every district, with representation from civil society and various other platforms will be a practical platform.
  • MICROBIOLOGICAL CLEANLINESS : With a wider agenda, the fruits of their labour, improved health and education, nation-wide implementation of visionary concepts such as Swachh Bharat for microbiological cleanliness at home  will be ready for harvest.

We have a unique opportunity to script a new narrative to win the present struggle and perpetuate its legacy, with will and wisdom.

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