Sahakar Mitra Scheme on Internship Programme UPSC

Sahakar Mitra: Scheme on Internship Programme | UPSC


Union Minister for Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Shri Narendra Singh Tomar launches Sahakar Mitra: Scheme on Internship Programme, an initiative by National Cooperative Development Corporation

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Sahakar Mitra scheme will help cooperative institutions access new and innovative ideas of young professionals while the interns will gain experience of working in the field to be self-reliant.

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3:SCHEMES : Sahakar Mitra: Scheme on Internship Programme


For PRELIMS go through aim objective and the beneficiaries . Do not forget eligibility .

For MAINS collect some note worthy points for cooperative sector entrepreneurship development initiatives. 


In keeping with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s clarion call for AtmaNirbhar Bharat(Self Reliant India) emphasizing the importance of local for vocal, Sahakar Mitra: Scheme on Internship Programme (SIP) was launched.



  • National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) has been proactive in delivering innovative solutions for the cooperative sector.


  • Sahakar Mitra: Scheme on Internship Programme (SIP) will provide the young professionals an opportunity of practical exposure and learning from the working of NCDC and cooperatives as a paid intern.


  • CO-OPERATIVE VENTURES : NCDC has also introduced a complementary scheme to promote start-up cooperative ventures.
  • LEADERSHIP ROLES : Sahakar Mitra would also provide an opportunity to professionals from academic institutions to develop leadership and entrepreneurial roles through cooperatives as Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO).
  • SELF RELIANCE : Sahakar Mitra scheme is expected to assist cooperative institutions access new and innovative ideas of young professionals while the interns gain experience of working in the field giving confidence to be self-reliant.


  • GRADUATES : Under the scheme, professional graduates in disciplines such as Agriculture and allied areas,IT etc. will be eligible for internship.
  • OTHER BENEFICIARIES : Professionals who are pursuing or have completed their MBA degrees in Agri-business, Cooperation, Finance, International Trade, Forestry, Rural Development, Project Management etc. will also be eligible.


  • NCDC has earmarked funds for Sahakar Mitra paid internship program under which each intern will get financial support over a 4 months internship period.
  • Online application portal for internship application available on NCDC website.



  The National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1963 as a statutory Corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.


  • Planning, promoting and financing programmes for production, processing, marketing, storage, export and import of agricultural produce.
  • Supply of consumer goods and collection, processing, marketing, storage and export of minor forest produce through cooperatives.
  • NCDC will now be able to finance projects in the rural industrial cooperative sectors and for certain notified services in rural areas like water conservation, irrigation and micro irrigation, agri-insurance, agro-credit, rural sanitation, animal health, etc.
  • Loans and grants are advanced to State Governments for financing primary and secondary level cooperative societies .

Corporation can also go in for direct funding of projects under its various schemes of assistance on fulfillment of stipulated conditions.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

NCDC has embarked upon a series of initiatives in the cooperative sector entrepreneurship development ecosystem through capacity development, paid internship to youth and assured project loans on liberalized terms to young cooperators on start-up mode.

  • It is expected to be a win-win situation both for cooperatives as well as for the young professionals.
     SOURCES: PIB | Sahakar Mitra: Scheme on Internship Programme | UPSC


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