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EDITORIAL HUNT #109 :“RIC Triangle is Important ?

RIC Triangle is Important ? | UPSC

P.S. Raghavan
RIC Triangle is Important ?

P.S. Raghavan, a former diplomat, is Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board.


RIC, a triangle that is still important


Calls for a westward shift in India’s foreign policy appear misplaced as engagement with Russia and China does matter



RIC dynamics are sensitive to the configuration of the U.S.-Russia-China triangle. Comment -(GS 2)


  • Role and Agenda of RIC
  • Multilateralism
  • Changing Equations in Indo-Pacific Region .


Last month a few eyebrows were raised when India decided to attend a (virtual) meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China (RIC).

The meeting reflected their divergent preoccupations.

  • CHINA : China did not see the irony in his call for opposing bullying practices, rejecting power politics and supporting the rule of law in international relations.
  • RUSSIA  : Russia criticised unilateral coercive measures to settle scores with geopolitical rivals and topple regimes.

India emphasised that for a durable world order, major powers should respect international law and recognise the legitimate interest of partners. 



RIC dialogue commenced in the early 2000s.

  • MULTIPOLAR WORLD ORDER : The three countries were positioning themselves for a transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world order.
  • U.S STAND : All three countries considered their relationship with the United States an essential prop to their global ambitions.
  • SENTIMENTS : The RIC shared some non-West (as distinct from anti-West) perspectives on the global order, such as an emphasis on sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • IMPACT : Their support for democratisation of the global economic and financial architecture moved to the agenda of BRIC (with the addition of Brazil).
  • INITIAL BOOST : The initial years of the RIC dialogue coincided with an upswing in India’s relations with Russia and China.
  • STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP : The advent of President Vladimir Putin reinforced the political, defence and energy pillars of the India-Russia strategic partnership.


  • SUDDEN BURST : India’s relations with the U.S. surged (rushed), encompassing trade and investment, a landmark civil nuclear deal .
  • DIVERSIFICATION OF DEPENDENCE : The above deal met India’s objective of diversifying military acquisitions away from a near-total dependence on Russia.
  • STRATEGIC SUB-TEXT : As China was rapidly emerging as a challenger to its global pre-eminence, the U.S. saw value in partnering with a democratic India in Asia.


  • NEIGHBOURHOOD INFLUENCE : China went back on the 2005 agreement, launched the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, worked to undermine India’s influence in its neighbourhood .

As U.S.-Russia relations imploded in 2014 (after the annexation of Crimea)   

  • PUSHBACK : Russia’s pushback against the U.S. included cultivating the Taliban in Afghanistan and enlisting Pakistan’s support for it.



  • INDIA : Indo-Pacific is a geographic space of economic and security importance, in which a cooperative order should prevent the dominance of any external power.
  • CHINA : For China Indo-Pacific initiatives are part of a U.S.-led policy of containing China.
  • RUSSIA : Russia’s Foreign Ministry sees the Indo-Pacific as an American ploy to draw India and Japan into a military alliance against China and Russia.


  • EXPANDING LINKS : India’s focus should be on economic links with the Russian Far East .

Activation of a Chennai-Vladivostok maritime corridor may help persuade Russia that its interests in the Pacific are compatible. 

  • DILUTING DOMINANCE : The interests in diluting Chinese dominance in the Indo-Pacific; this also accords with President Putin’s concept of a Greater Eurasia.

      IASbhai Windup: 


  • INTENSIFIED MOVES : The current India-China stand-off has intensified calls for India to fast-track partnership with the U.S.
  • QUEST FOR AUTONOMY : India’s quest for autonomy of action is based on its geographical realities, historical legacies and global ambitions — not a residual Cold War mindset.

“Transformations in the external environment impacts ongoing political equations.”

       SOURCES:   THE HINDU EDITORIAL | RIC Triangle is Important ? | UPSC


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