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New STIP 2020 | UPSC


Top leaders of industries participate in industry consultation roundtable for the formulation of the new STIP 2020

      WHY IN NEWS:

Emphasize on importance of investment in R&D

MINISTRY? :- Ministry of Science & Technology
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3:Science and Technology


For PRELIMS we have mentioned aim , organiser and a collective approach below . Let us dive in !

For MAINS it is important to understand the New STIP 2020 . Some key takeaways we have mapped out which can be beneficial in answers pertaining to GS-3.


Industry captains stressed on the need for more collaboration between industry & academia

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy (STIP 2020) was flagged off jointly by the (Office of PSA), and DST as India and the world reorient in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.


STIP 2020 aims to re-strategize priorities, sectoral focus, and methods of research and technology development for larger socio-economic welfare.


The new policy is expected to be released later this year, replacing the existing policy, which was formulated in 2013.


The roundtable meeting was held over a virtual platform by the STIP 2020 Secretariat in partnership with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Science Policy Forum.


New Science, Technology & Innovation Policy STIP 2020 is to makes the policy a strong one that would encourage more industry participation in R&D activities.

It is forum about disruptive strategies to boost investment in R&D, ensuring benefits for industry from such investment as well as ways to mitigate investment risk


FILLING GAPS : Discussion calls for Industry leaders to identify missing elements that could connect industry to academia so that gap can be filled in the new policy.

STRUCTURAL POLICY MAKING : Aspiration should be to enhance India’s GDP in R&D with matching contribution from Industry and we need to bring in disruptive change in policy making and structural change in implementation of the policy.

DECENTRALISED APPROACH : This is the first-ever high-level industry consultation for the formulation of a Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, which by way of its decentralized, bottom-up.

KNOWLEDGE BASED ECONOMY : The consultation was focused on inviting suggestions from Industry leaders for the upcoming STIP 2020 that will pave the way towards a knowledge-based economy.


The STIP 2020 formulation process is organised into 4 highly interlinked tracks, which will reach out to around 15,000 stakeholders for consultation in the policy formulation.

  • TRACK I : This involves an extensive public and expert consultation process through Science Policy Forum.
  • TRACK II : It comprises experts-driven thematic consultations to feed evidence-informed recommendations into the policy drafting process.
  • TRACK III : It involves consultations with Ministries and States.
  • TRACK IV :  Constitutes apex level multi-stakeholder consultation.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • Incremental changes will not take us where we as a nation aspired to be.
  • The new policy is expected to be released later this year, replacing the existing policy, which was formulated in 2013.


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