National Butterfly Campaign 2020 | UPSC

National Butterfly Campaign 2020 | UPSC


Citizen poll throws up three contenders for national butterfly tag

      WHY IN NEWS:

One will join the ranks of Bengal Tiger, Indian Peacock, Indian Lotus, banyan tree and mango as a national symbol.

MINISTRY? :- Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Biodiversity :  Conservation of Flora and Fauna :


For PRELIMS it is important to go through each and every feature of the top three contenders for National Butterfly .

For MAINS – How far does a campaign impact conservation efforts of a specie ?


We already have our National Bird, National Animal, National Flower and National Tree, but we still do not have the National Butterfly.



  • Butterflies are ambassadors of nature conservation, and they are important biological indicators that reflect the health of our environment.

The aim is to create awareness about butterflies among the citizens of India and to celebrate our national natural treasures.

  • Butterfly enthusiasts and nature-lovers from all over the country have gathered as a National Butterfly Campaign Consortium.
  • National Butterfly Campaign Consortium will nominate India’s National Butterfly.
  • Considering the ecological importance, conservation significance, and growing popularity of butterflies among the general public, it is high time we nominated the National Butterfly.


Prominent stalwarts in the field of butterfly biology and conservation across India came together on a single platform.

Following criteria has been derived for selecting the National Butterfly:

1. The butterfly should have cultural, ecological and conservation significance for the nation as well as internationally.
2. The butterfly should be charismatic.
3. The butterfly should have an inherently attractive biological aspect that is engaging to the public.
4. The butterfly should be easily identified, observed and remembered.
5. The species should not have multiple forms.
6. The butterfly caterpillars should not be harmful or a pest.
7. The butterfly should not be too commonplace.
8. Avoid species which are already designated as a State Butterfly.


  • Considering the above criteria, the Consortium arrived at a final list of about 50 butterfly species.
  • From these, a scoring system was used in voting by all the Consortium members to shortlist the final three species given below.


National Butterfly Campaign [2020] - UPSC


  • A vibrantly patterned flying jewel, whose colour scheme is similar to haldi kumukum.
  • It has considerable significance in Indian culture.

This bold pattern has evolved to show off its toxic nature, which protects it against many predators.

  • It is widely distributed in India, frequenting gardens and other lightly wooded areas.


  • The Orange Oakleaf is a large, colorful butterfly with a beautiful deep blue sheen.

It has a striking orange band on the upper side of its wings, making it immediately recognizable.

  • However, its underside superbly resembles a dried leaf.
  • It helps to escape predators in the moist forests of central, northern and northeastern India where it occurs.


National Butterfly Campaign

  • One of the most beautiful, large and exceedingly charismatic swallowtail butterflies in the world.
  • The species represents the Himalaya, its stronghold, acting as a flagship species for biodiversity and conservation .

The specie is also facing the consequences of climate change in this most critical biodiversity hotspot of India.

  • The play of light on the special nanostructures on its hindwings produce the brilliant blue colour patch.
  • Its name invokes among Indian people a deep cultural connection.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • In a true democratic manner, Ordinary citizens should drive this effort, which might be a first for India.
  • The poll will start on 11th September and conclude on 8th October 2020, at the end of the Wildlife Week.

We request all the aspirants ,

Kindly cast your vote on the poll page given below to choose the National Butterfly.

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