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EDITORIAL HUNT #326 :“Lakshadweep Reform Waves | UPSC

Lakshadweep Reform Waves | UPSC

Wajahat Habibullah
Lakshadweep Reform Waves

Wajahat Habibullah, a former IAS officer, was India’s first Chief Information Commissioner, and thereafter Chair, National Commission for Minorities


A ‘reform wave’ Lakshadweep could do without


Though there is room for improvement, the archipelago does not need the measures announced by its administrator

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 2 : Union Territory


Lakshadweep draft legislations will have a wide-ranging impact on the islands which is formulated on Maldivian Model . Discuss -(GS 2)


  • Lakshadweep Reform Wave
  • The IDA framework
  • Maldivian Model



Lakshadweep, in December last year has introduced a slew of draft legislation that will have a wide-ranging impact on the islands:

  • The Lakshadweep Animal Preservation Regulation, 2021;
  • The Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Regulation (PASA);
  • The Lakshadweep Panchayat Regulation, 2021 and
  • Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation 2021.



  • FRAMEWORK : A specially constituted Island Development Authority (IDA) for the island territories of India, chaired by no less than the former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, had, in Kavaratti in 1988, approved a framework for the development of India’s island territories.
  • RESOURCE UTILISATION : It held the view that “an environmentally sound strategy for both island groups hinges on better exploitation of marine resources coupled with much greater care in the use of land resources”.

  • OCCUPATION : Fishery is a primary occupation here. The language, except in Minicoy, is Malayalam; in Minicoy, Mahl is spoken, a language akin to the 17th century Divehi of the Maldives.


  • RAINWATER HARVESTING : Lakshadweep today has rainwater harvesting facilities, first introduced in government buildings on every island and now accessible in every home.
  • SOLAR POWER : Solar power, which covers 10% of lighting needs, makes Lakshadweep a pioneer in India’s present flagship initiative.
  • LITERACY : The islands boast total literacy. Minicoy had among the country’s first Navodaya Vidyalayas.

  • WIND POWER : Kavaratti has a desalination wind-powered plant gifted by the Danish government.
  • CALORIE CONSUMPTION : Lakshadweep today has no poor people; they have a high calorific consumption from plentiful foods harvested from the lagoons and islands.
  • ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT : Today, long lines and refrigeration have aided the expansion of the fishing sector but income disparities have grown.
  • BOTTOM TRAWLERS : Indiscriminate trawling endangers the coral, as experienced in the Maldives and now banned there.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD : Maldives is hardly a suitable model. Water bungalows — an expensive concept and also hazardous to the coral — favoured by the NITI Aayog, would collapse in Lakshadweep’s turbulent monsoon.

      IASbhai Windup: 


  • DELIBERATIONS OF THE IDA : Deliberations of the IDA wanted that Lakshadweep, with its land ownership constitutionally protected, be opened to international tourism not as a means of generating wealth for investors from the mainland but to bring prosperity to the islanders.

  • MALDIVES MODEL : Specifically rejecting the Maldives model, the plan for Lakshadweep required that the industry had to be people-centric and enrich the fragile coral ecology.
       SOURCES:   THE HINDU EDITORIAL HUNT | Lakshadweep Reform Waves | UPSC


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