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Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Shri Narendra Singh Tomar launches Krishi Megh

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Krishi Megh is a step forward towards digital agriculture of New India – Shri Tomar

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare


For PRELIMS go through aim , funding and the features of this initiative .

For MAINS how can cloud computing improve necessary academic infrastructure ?


Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare launched the Krishi Megh (National Agricultural Research & Education System –Cloud Infrastructure and Services)

Krishi Megh was launched with the KVC ALUNET (Krishi Vishwavidyalaya Chhatr Alumni Network) and Online Accreditation System for Higher Agricultural Educational Institutions (HEI).



To provide  high-quality education to the agricultural university students that is in tune with the New Education Policy – 2020.

  • This will strengthen the national agricultural education system in the country.


The Government of India-World Bank is funding National Agricultural Higher Education Project.


  • There is a need to save and preserve the important research-based data in a prompt digitized form to enable its access anywhere in any corner of the country.
  • Enabling private investments in agriculture.

Krishi Megh is a step forward towards digital agriculture of New India .

  • About 58 Universities which have been supported in various categories under the ICAR National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP).

The development of the KVC ALUNET that has been a result of an idea of social networking for the alumnus of the Agricultural Universities.


  1. For meeting the services and infrastructure needs of Digital Agriculture of National Agricultural Research and Education System (NARES).
  2. The existing Data Centre (ICAR-DC) built during 2012 shall be strengthened with cloud computing infrastructure.
  3. ICAR-Krish Megh provide a robust and dynamic platform to meet the growing IT needs of the NARES system.
  4. Along with the deployment of mission critical applications such as e-Office, ICAR-ERP, Education Portal, KVK Portal and mobile apps, ICAR institute websites, Academic Management System, Alumni Portal, e-Courses of UG and PG level etc.
  5. Under NAHEP, the out-reach of existing ICAR Data Center is broadened to cover the Agriculture Universities enabling them to host their websites and IT solutions.
  6. In the present COVID-19 situation, 24×7 availability of IT applications through have made it possible to work from home as well as to collaborate with fellow scientists through video conferencing.
  7. ICAR-Krishi Megh at NAARM Hyderabad has been built to mitigate the risk, enhance the quality, availability and accessibility of e-governance, research, extension and education in the field of agriculture in India.
  8. NAARM, Hyderabad has been chosen as it lies in different seismic zone w.r.t. ICAR-Data Center at ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi.

Hyderabad is also suitable as skilled IT manpower is available along with other suitable climatic conditions such as low humidity level which is controllable in the data center environment.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

This new Centre has latest AI/Deep learning software/tools kits for building and deploying of deep learning based applications such as disease and pest identification using image analysis, detection of maturity and ripening of fruits through image analysis, disease identification in livestock etc.

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