Infrastructure Management System (IMS) : Indian Army | UPSC

Infrastructure Management System (IMS) : Indian Army | UPSC


Indian Army launches a Software for Infrastructure Management

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For PRELIMS it is important to understand the scope and implication of this technological intervention by Indian Army .

For MAINS keep an eye on all integration and automation processes . You can easily embed these in answers relevant to infrastructure .


Infrastructure development has gained significant importance in many of the Army stations where major works are planned to replace vintage accommodation of pre independence era.

Infrastructure Management System (IMS) : Indian Army | UPSC


  • Presently all functions towards infrastructure development and management are carried out manually.
  • This process is not only time consuming but is also in-efficient.

To include; ascertaining availability of land, planning and monitoring of works, environment conservation and responsive quartering policies are time consuming.

  • The process is cumbersome and time consuming involving multiple agencies.
  • Land has also become a very scarce resource since all cantonments and military stations have now come closer to major population centres.


  • Realising that automation is the key to empowering all stake holders to transform and become efficient.

Indian Army has introduced a new software moving towards transparency and enhance accountability.

  • The new software -“Infrastructure Management System (IMS)’ software which was inagurated by the COAS on the sidelines of the Army Commanders Conference


  • To automate works initiation, preparation of list and its approval by the MoD.
  • To accord administrative approval and monitoring of execution by the CFA.

To automate availability of CAO pool accommodation, plan vacation, re-allocation and undertake maintenance.

  • To automate approval of accommodation allocation/extention for children education ground, special children and Battle/Physical casualty.
  • Manage cantonment roads including emergency closure.
  • Make land, works and quartering policies available online.
  • Monitor land encroachment, Old Grant Bungalows, VIP references and transfer/exchange of land.


  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Ensure adherence to standards

Enhance the flow of information throughout an information system

  • Promote adaptability necessary for a changeable environment
  • Ensure interoperability among organizational and external entities
  • Maintain effective change management policies and practices.

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  • Scalability and upgrade of solutions
  • Integration of all areas of the organization applying operational intelligence solutions

Ability to integrate with cloud services, back office, Big Data, applications, mobile devices, sensors, and other technologies.

  • Simple and easy-to-use interfaces that provide the geographic location, maps, and related asset information
  • Flexibility to connect, access and manage asset data.

Infrastructure Management System (IMS) : Indian Army | UPSC

  • Analytical capacity and the power to convert data into actionable resources that can provide high-value information for decision-making and anticipation of risks
  • Mobile platforms, business mobility, and field service management (Field Service Management).
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