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EDITORIAL HUNT #206 :“India-Saudi Arabia in G20 Presidency | UPSC

India-Saudi Arabia G20 Presidency | UPSC

Saud Bin Mohammed Al Sati
India-Saudi Arabia G20 Presidency | UPSC

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to India


G20, under Saudi Arabia’s presidency, is working towards a more resilient world


With Saudi Arabia’s G20 presidency, we are at the cusp of another transformation in our strategic cooperation, one that will reap benefits for the global community.



The next G20 Presidency will be hosted by India. Saudi Arabia has successfully used this platform to eradicate poverty and pandemic . Discuss -(GS 2 )


  • Cultural Ties
  • Co-ordination and Synergy in G 20
  • Towards Prosperity


Relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of India are rooted in history, mutual trust and bilateral cooperation that has withstood the test of time.


  • CULTURAL TIES : Our two nations have shared trade and cultural links dating back to the third millennium BCE.

Today, these foundations remain as strong as ever.

  • MUTUAL EXCHANGES : These historic bonds were further reinforced during HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s first state visit to New Delhi in February 2019.
  • MIDDLE EAST POLICY : The visit paved the way for unparalleled decisions, heralding a new dawn for the ties between our two formidable economies.
  • STRATEGIC CO-OPERATION : With Saudi Arabia’s G20 presidency, we are at the cusp of another transformation in our strategic cooperation, one that will reap benefits for the global community.



  • COOPERATION AND CO ORDINATION : Mutual respect and continued international cooperation are values at the heart of the Saudi G20 presidency.
  • ADDRESSING GLOBAL ISSUES : A presidency that has coincided with a delicate global period and that is determined to lead global actions to address the common global challenges.

Across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought innumerable challenges to families and communities.

  • COLLECTIVE STAND : As major global economies, the G20 member countries have a responsibility to lead collective action for a coordinated global response to the ongoing crisis.
  • TRANSFORMATIVE VISION 2030 : Saudi Arabia’s presidency is up to this task. Having proved its mettle in dealing with social and economic hurdles back home through its transformative Vision 2030.
  • FORETHOUGHTFUL : The Kingdom now has an opportunity to replicate this forward-looking approach on a global scale.

Not only has Saudi Arabia been ranked the top reformed and top improver among 190 countries by the World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law 2020 report.

  • EASE OF DOING BUSINESS : It is also the most improved country in the world for doing business, having implemented a record number of reforms.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE PROSPERITY : It is with this intent of all-inclusive prosperity that the Saudi G20 Presidency is seeking to deepen global cooperation with the theme of “Realising Opportunities of the 21st Century for All”.


The Presidency is working with G20 members on three essential pillars which are vital to the world’s progress:

  • Empowering people with a focus on youth and women
  • Tackling inequalities
  • Safeguarding the planet by fostering collective efforts to protect our natural resources and putting sustainability at the heart of the agenda.


  • RESILIENT FUTURE : Shaping new frontiers by adopting long-term and bold strategies to share the benefits of innovation and technological advancement to build a resilient future for the world.
  • MISSION : The Saudi G20 Presidency believes that everyone, especially women, should have the required access and tools to take advantages of the opportunities ahead of us.
  • EMPOWER FORUM : The Private Sector Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation (EMPOWER), a forum constituted by G20.

It is developing an action plan to identify key focus areas and conduct global research to advocate for the advancement of women in leadership positions in the private sector.

  • SHAPING NEW FRONTIERS : The use of innovation and technological advancements to shape new frontiers, such as deploying artificial intelligence to improve health outcomes and the education system.
  • PANDEMIC AND SAUDI ARABIA : Under Saudi Arabia’s presidency, G20 has been resilient and spearheaded global action needed to deal with the pandemic.
  • THE G20 LEADERS’ SUMMIT : It was held in March ; developing a consensus among G20 countries to contain the spread of the pandemic and laid a foundation to the subsequent G20 ministerial meetings.
  • LANDMARK DELIBERATIONS : A landmark outcome of these deliberations was the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors agreeing to the historic Debt Suspension Service Initiative for the world’s poorest countries.

This benefitted 46 countries, providing an estimated $14 billion of immediate liquidity relief by the bilateral official creditor in 2020.

  • DEVELOPING BANKS : The G20 is also working with international organisations to complement these efforts, including multilateral development banks.
  • TOTAL FUNDS RAISED : G20 countries have contributed over $21 billion to support health systems and the hunt for a vaccine and injected an unprecedented $11 trillion to safeguard the global economy.
  • INDIA AS A GLOBAL PARTNER : Arabs see India as an important partner in this journey to ensure a better tomorrow for all. India is carrying out ambitious reforms to modernise the country.

      IASbhai Windup: 

  • TOWARDS PROSPERITY : As leading economies, Saudi Arabia and India can leave a mark on the global community through synergies and contribute to the roadmap for a prosperous future for all.

Hosting the Presidency of G20 this year marks a historic step for Saudi Arabia.

  • SHARED VISION : Many more battles and uncharted paths lie in front of us . India-Saudi Arabia share the same sense of responsibility towards the global community.

As India prepares to hold the Presidency in 2022, we are certain that this mutual counsel will help us realise opportunities of the 21st century for all.

       SOURCES:   THE IE | India-Saudi Arabia in G20 Presidency | UPSC


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