India PV EDGE 2020

India PV EDGE 2020 | UPSC


Top Policymakers to speak on “India PV EDGE 2020” on Solar Manufacturing

      WHY IN NEWS:

The global symposium to also include ‘Investors Conclave’ on PV Manufacturing.

MINISTRY? :- Ministry of New and Renewable Energy


For PRELIMS note down the aim and the significance of this initiative .

For MAINS mention few cutting edge solutions in PV technologies . This can surely pay off while giving examples, when it comes to addressing questions relevant to Renewable energy.


Issues related to India’s solar manufacturing sector to be discussed at ‘Investors Roundtable’. 


Sessions on ‘Wafers and Cells’, ‘Modules and Production Equipment’ and ‘Supply Chain to be organised as part of event.


To catalyse cutting-edge PV manufacturing in India.

  • It will also include a ‘Investors Conclave’ on PV Manufacturing.
  • Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh states will participate in the conclave.


NITI Aayog, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, and Invest India, are organizing a global symposium virtually, ‘India PV EDGE 2020’, on October 6, 2020, from 5–8.40 pm.


  • Efforts are underway to make India a global hub for solar PV manufacturing.
  • The companies would also have the opportunity to hear from Indian policymakers who are involved in drawing up manufacturing schemes.

Cutting-edge giga-scale solar manufacturing stands on three pillars:

(i) disruptive PV chemistries

(ii) manufacturing by custom-engineered advanced production equipment

(iii) utilisation of innovative BOM components like special glasses and coatings.

  • That is why companies involved in all the three pillars are invited to present and engage the Indian industry in the symposium.
  • This will catalyse the momentum for further discussions and collaborations.

India’s NDC document of the Paris Agreement in 2015 called for extraordinary vision, leadership, compassion, and wisdom to combat climate change.

  • India PV EDGE 2020 is one small step towards that ambition.


  • Investors Roundtable’,  will discuss and deliberate upon issues related to India’s solar manufacturing sector .

This will be through affordable financing, role of developers in building the ecosystem of cutting edge solar manufacturing etc.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has created an enormous impact on the global economy.
  • After the 2008–09 financial crisis, green measures accounted for 16% of the total stimulus measures.
  • Significant giga-factory announcements are being made by local and global firms.
  • The Indian government is also coming up with innovative initiatives to promote cutting-edge solar manufacturing in India.


  • Solar deployment has been the flagship green growth story of the last decade.
  • This would be instrumental to stimulate growth and build a climate-resilient world.
  • India has become the third-largest solar capacity country in the world .

India has set an ambitious target of 450 GW of renewable capacity by 2030, comprising 300 GW of solar capacity.

  • The major factor behind the rise of solar deployment is giga-scale solar manufacturing and the continuous adoption of innovations to reduce prices.
  • Hence, solar PV manufacturing is one of the strategic sectors announced by the Indian government as part of the post-Covid Aatmanirbhar Bharat recovery initiative.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • To recover from the covid-inflicted impact and to battle the impending threat of global warming, governments must be even more ambitious and decisive towards clean investments.
  • International cooperation and leveraging strengths are crucial in these times.
     SOURCES: PIB | India PV EDGE 2020 | UPSC



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