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IASbhai Editorial Hunt is an initiative to dilute major Editorials of leading Newspapers in India which are most relevant to UPSC preparation –‘THE HINDU, LIVEMINT , INDIAN EXPRESS’ and help millions of readers who find difficulty in answer writing and making notes everyday. Here we choose two editorials on daily basis and analyse them with respect to UPSC MAINS 2020-21.

EDITORIAL HUNT #242 :“India-Pakistan Relations 2020 | UPSC

India-Pakistan Relations 2020 | UPSC

Khaled Ahmed
India-Pakistan Relations 2020 | UPSC


The Roads Not Taken


Pakistan has not used its geographical advantage to become a trading nation.



India Pakistan relations should change from war-fighting nations to two trading economies in South Asia. Discuss -(GS 2)


  • Neighbourhood first policy
  • Stalled projects
  • Strategic co-operation
  • To-do list


  • NEIGHBOURHOOD FIRST POLICY : In keeping with its “Neighbourhood First Policy”, India desires normal neighbourly relations with Pakistan.

Pakistan will soon become a trade artery for China through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

  • TABLE DIPLOMACY : India’s consistent position ; any issues between India and Pakistan should be resolved bilaterally and peacefully, in an atmosphere free of terror and violence.


  • LEVERAGING TOPOGRAPHY :  Rather, we should be a trading nation that takes advantage of its geographic location for economic prosperity.

Everything from governance to education and healthcare needs funding and inventive policymaking.


  • EXTRA MILE CONNECTIVITY : Not long ago there was talk of India and Pakistan cooperating economically to facilitate extra-regional connectivity.
  • IPI PIPELINE : Iranian-Pakistan-India (IPI) pipeline could be added as “projects of peace” but for the complex tripartite negotiations going on about the IPI have not been successful.
  • TAPI PROJECT : An Iranian pipeline was poised to cross into Pakistan for onward connection with India and another gas pipeline from Tajikistan was also destined to reach India through Pakistan.
  • ROAD TO HEART OF ASIA : India had requested Pakistan to allow it to ply its trade with Afghanistan through a road-link in Pakistan.
  • GARRISON-STATE MENTALITY : Invariably Pakistan’s “strategic” inclination was negative, based on the fear of domination and its anti-status quo thinking vis-à-vis Kashmir.

Disturbance in Afghanistan led to America’s longest war embroiling Pakistan in international terrorism.


  • FORGOTTEN ROADS : Fighting wars with India, Pakistan has forgotten to look at itself as a strategically-located state — not for fighting wars, but for conducting trade.
  • THE DURAND LINE : India has built a wall separating Pakistan from itself and Pakistan is currently in the process of wire-fencing its long western border with Afghanistan and Iran.
  • NUCLEAR WEAPONS COMPETITION : The military paradigm has been made permanent by the acquisition of nuclear weapons in competition with India.
  • ROUND THE GLOBE : China, India’s largest trading partner — $94 billion both ways — has to use the round about route through Southeast Asia to transport its goods.
  • DEBT RIDDEN ECONOMY : World Bank official in Islamabad said the Bank was ready to lend Pakistan $2.25 billion for a trade and energy corridor.

India-Pakistan Relations 2020 | UPSC


Yet, Pakistan is on the verge of changing its identity from a war-fighting nation to a trading one.

  • ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES : Pakistan never traded with India which led to much smuggling that benefited no one .
  • BORDER TRADE IS IMPORTANT : Recently, after the Pulwama incident, it stopped even the border trade with India that caused untold hardship to the Pakistani population in Sindh.

Pakistan and India have missed many opportunities to become “normal” neighbours.

  • OPENING UP TRADE : Clearly, India and Pakistan — as nuclear powers — must opt for normalisation through trade and trade routes to make South Asia a prosperous region.

India-Pakistan Relations 2020 | UPSC


      IASbhai Windup: 


  • INTELLIGENCE-SHARING : India and Pakistan should share information on the movement of militant groups in Pakistan to simultaneously increase transparency and trust between the two countries.
  • INFORMAL MEETINGS : Indian and Pakistani political leadership should become the norm such that they could lead towards a structured dialogue process in the future.
  • LEADERSHIP ROLE : India and Pakistan must consider that with international terror groups like IS and AQIS making inroads into South Asia.

If the Indo–Pak relationship remains broken, the security of the whole region remains at risk.

  • HARNESSING ECONOMIC POTENTIAL : The discord between the two countries is preventing them from harnessing their fullest economic potential–their bilateral trade potential is estimated to be $37 billion.
  • COUNTING MIS-STEPS : Any number of missteps could derail the tentative process that is now under way.

Consequently, the mutual economic benefits will also result in enhancing intra-regional trade in South Asia, which remains one of the least economically integrated regions of the world.

       SOURCES:   THE HINDU EDITORIAL HUNT | India-Pakistan Relations 2020 | UPSC


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