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EDITORIAL HUNT #112 :“Gaps in India’s Foreign Policy

Gaps in India’s Foreign Policy

T.P. Sreenivasan

T.P. Sreenivasan is former Ambassador of India and Governor for India of the IAEA, Chairman, Academic Council and Director, NSS Academy of Civil Services, and Director General, Kerala International Centre


Gaps in the casting of India’s foreign policy


Key questions are being asked about the strategic depth of the country’s international relations, and with good reason



There is a need to revamp strategic depth of the country’s foreign policy post COVID-19.Substantiate -(GS 2)


  • Our neighbours
  • Structural ties
  • Way forward


At a time ‘when sorrows come’, not as ‘single spies, but in battalions’ with an unprecedented pandemic.


  •  Chinese soldiers squatting on India’s side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC)
  • Cartographic aggression by little Nepal
  • Iran joining a virtual alliance with China
  • Russia getting close to China
  • Pakistan shooting across the Line of Control (LoC),
  • A looming financial crisis and other challenges,

Fundamental questions ? What is the strategic depth of our foreign policy ?

  • GLOBAL FLUX : Since the global situation itself is in a flux, there will be many surprises on the way which will shape of the post-COVID-19 world.
  • MATTER OF CONCERN : The fundamental issues remain dormant, but a few high-level conversations, some business deals and carefully crafted joint statements.

It goes without saying that the State will examine all these and other international developments and apply correctives wherever possible.



  • EXPANSIONIST POLICY : It came as a complete surprise that the Chinese amassed troops on the LAC , characterised the Chinese action as expansionist.
  • THE HIMALAYAN BLUNDER : Apart from calling for a reset of relations, we have begun to create a legend that China has committed a “Himalayan blunder” by its military adventure on the border.
  • CAREFUL DISENGAGEMENT : Even before the promised disengagement has taken place, we have concluded that China lost the battle.

We have declared victory in a battle that has not ended.


Erstwhile Soviet Union refused to intervene in the India-China conflict on the plea that “one was a brother and the other was a friend”.

  • QUASI-ALLIANCE : Russia’s quasi-alliance with China is a reality, while our perception of Russia has the veil of a fairy tale.
  • SUSTAINABLE FRIENDSHIP : Our close defence relationship, with 60% of our arms supply coming from Russia is explicable, but not sustainable.


India been campaigning for a reform of the Security Council since 1979 and there has been really no progress on the issue of new permanent members.

  • WIDESPREAD RUMOURS : Many reports have been written, but as of today there is no formula which can enjoy two-thirds majority of the General Assembly.
  • AGENDA : The vast majority of the members of the UN would want to abolish the veto rather than give it to more countries.

      IASbhai Windup: 

  • There could be instances of other unsubstantiated expectations among the public because of repeated expressions of optimism which are considered harmless.
  • The theory that there is no point in nursing constituencies such as the Non-Aligned Movement may be some of them.

The exaggerated faith in the value of soft power as an instrument of foreign policy has always been deterrent.

       SOURCES:  THE HINDU EDITORIAL | Gaps in India’s Foreign Policy

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