Enhancing NDCs for Food Systems Report _ UNEP

Enhancing NDCs for Food Systems Report | UNEP


UN report flags changes in food system to boost climate action

      WHY IN NEWS:

The pandemic has demonstrated how business need to rebuild food systems.



Adding diet and food loss to climate change plans can improve adaptation contributions towards food systems by as much as 25%

The report identified ways to address the issue and put it forward in the public domain for policymakers to take action.

Here are few recommendations :


  • Adopting SDG 12.3 to cut food waste in half at retail and consumer level and reducing food loss along the supply chain as a national target .
  • Developing a national strategy through a multi-stakeholder process to prioritize policies, measures, awareness-raising and educational programs .
  • Supporting voluntary agreements in the food retail and manufacturing sectors .

Enhancing NDCs for Food Systems Report | UNEP | IAS

Developing separate food waste collection systems, for example using a pay-as-you-throw system .

  • Incentivising food waste recycling .
  • Implementing educational programs to avoiding and reduce food waste .

Encouraging the reuse of food waste for animal feed and organic fertilizer .

  • Promoting the conversion of food waste into biogas through composting and energy recovery
  • Developing waste recycling programs and improved technologies.


  • Realigning susbsidies to promote production, processing and consumption of healthy and sustainable
  • Introducing environment sustainability elements into national dietary guidelines .

Subsidies and social protection mechanisms.

  • Supporting development of front-of-pack nutrition and sustainable food labelling.
  • Banning advertising and marketing of unhealthy and ultra-processed foods.
  • Embedding sustainable food systems and the Planetary Health Diet in school curricula.


  • Promoting investment in infrastructure and technology to prevent post-harvest losses
  • Supporting agricultural research to develop technologies to reduce post-harvest food loss

Building and providing low-cost storage silos for small-scale farmers to store their harvest

  • Increasing investment in building infrastructure, promoting urban-rural links, connecting farmers to markets
  • Diverting unused food to animal feed
  • Reutilizing organic or agricultural waste for energy production.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • The report was put forward with more ambitious targets and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Food security, hunger and food wastage are being discussed largely.

This crisis offers us a chance to radically rethink how we produce and consume food.

  • Especially in the wake of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID -19) pandemic, which exposed the fragility of the food supply chain.
  • Reorienting consumption by halving food waste and catalysing a shift towards more plant-rich diets is also a powerful climate mitigation tool to take advantage of.
     SOURCES:DOWNTOEARTH | Enhancing NDCs for Food Systems Report | UNEP


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