Toll Free Helpline for elderly persons ELDERLINE (14567) becomes operational in several states

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MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 1 : Social Justice




  • The helpline is likely to become functional in all states by end of May, 2021.
  • In order to address the problems of elders in the context of the ongoing COVID pandemic, the Ministry of Social Justice has started state wise call centres in major states under the ELDERLINE project.


ELDERLINE Helpline | 14567 for Elderly Persons | UPSC

SOURCES : PIB |ELDERLINE Helpline |  Efforts are being made to make them functional in all States by end of May, 2021.

  • These call centres can be reached by toll free number 14567.
  • All elders may be advised to use this facility.


  • The facility is already made operational in 5 major States of UP, MP, Rajasthan, TN and Karnataka.
  • In Telangana, this facility has been working for more than a year.

The current status of the call centres is as given below:

StatesDate of commencementNumber of OfficersNumber of Actionable callsService Request RaisedService Request Closed
TN28th April 20218712515
MP28th April 20214163125
RJ28th April 202142583
KA28th April 2021312261
UP14th May 2021694137

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

Out of the nearly 475 calls received, 16% calls were for emotional support; and 11% calls were pension related; remaining 37% was related to information on old age homes, physiotherapy units, health related and legal issues.

  • The toll-free number 14567 is being cited as a critical step to reach the elderly in need during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
     SOURCES:    PIB    | ELDERLINE Helpline

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