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EDITORIAL HUNT #249 :“Decoding Biden’s Policy Den for India and the World | UPSC

Decoding Biden’s Policy Den for India and the World | UPSC

Krishnan Srinivasan
Decoding Biden’s Policy Den for India and the World | UPSC

Krishnan Srinivasan is a former Foreign Secretary


Decoding Biden’s presidency, for India and the world


His major preoccupation could be the difficult U.S. domestic agenda; India must revert to pluralist multi-alignment



New Delhi should concentrate on building its economy and re-set its external relations with U.S., reverting to the recently discarded formula of pluralist multi-alignment.-(GS 2)


  • India-U.S. Relations
  • Post election scenario
  • Pluralistic engagement
  • India’s Alignments.


  • ONGOING ASSESSMENTS : Every country is trying to assess if a Biden presidency will be good, bad or neutral.

There was a time not long ago when Indian attention was not riveted on the American election results.

  • INTER-PERSONNEL SKILLS : Personal relations must never be over-estimated as a guide to foreign policy, which is best developed on the basis of objective interests.
  • PRIORITIES AND RESENTMENTS : Hostility to a third country cannot constitute a foundation in a world with inconsistent priorities.



  • VANDALISM : Despite being world leader in terms of economy, military size and technological prowess, fear and hatred were predominant features of the American elections.
  • VINDICTIVE DESTRUCTION : Hatred of Republicans and Democrats for each other, fear of what President Trump might do in vindictive destruction during the days before he leaves office.
  • DEFAMATION AND VILIFICATIONS : Offensive personal insults degraded the dignity of the process, and hatred of Mr. Trump translated into support for his opponent, even if it was the elder, lacklustre Mr. Biden.

Fear caused the record turn-out, with over 78 million voting for Mr. Biden and over 73 million for Mr. Trump.

  • FACTIONALISM : The two parties will suffer fragmentation and internal conflict.
  • TRUMPISM : Trumpism, still formidably popular as evidenced by the voting figures, will devastate the already diminished liberal and moderate wings of the Republican Party.

Democrats suffer clashes with progressives and centrists accusing each other for the party’s disappointing electoral results.

  • ROLE OF MEDIA : Of particular discomfort for America’s image, Twitter, Facebook and mainstream TV channels issued warnings on the veracity of Mr. Trump’s messages and his incitement to violence.

Decoding Biden’s Policy Den for India and the World | UPSC


One in 11 African American adults is in prison, on probation or parole.

  • A DEMOCRACY CHECK : The U.S. situated itself as an arbiter for verifying democracy around the world, ignoring its own discrimination against black, Hispanic, native Americans and other minorities.


  • SHEER DOMINANCE : American global dominance has relied on economic, military and cultural power.
  • FOREIGN POLICY :  A foreign policy that operates on threat and force through its military deployed in nearly 800 bases in approximately 70 countries.
  • THE ECONOMIC POLICY : Extravagant use of direct, secondary and extra-territorial sanctions which currently afflict an estimated 30 countries and territories.
  • MASKED EXCEPTIONALISM : Unilateralism based on presumed exceptionalism masks America’s weakened moral and political authority and loss of confidence in its leadership.
  • U.S. POLITY : The U.S. political system is dominated by powerful corporations and entrenched interests which control politicians for their own interests and not those of the working population.
  • INDICATORS OF DEFICIENCIES : Massive trade deficits reveal that the U.S. is no longer a manufacturing economy, and collapsing social conditions from health care to civic infrastructure are indicators.

India apprehends a lessening of American pressure on China as does Taiwan.

  • THE RUSSIAN DILEMMA : Russia fears Mr. Biden would oppose the almost-complete Nord Stream pipeline.
  • MINDSETs AT EASTERN EUROPE : Europe feels that the incoming team of Obama veterans will pursue an aggressive interventionist policy.Europe seeks greater respect and consideration.
  • CHINESE CONTENTIONS : China fears more acute trade wars and an Obama-era hostile pivot to Asia.
  • WEST ASIA IN LESS PRESSURE :  Israel and some Gulf states are warning against diminishing pressure on Iran.
  • SOUTH AMERICANS SEEK : Venezuela, Iran and Cuba hope for a moderation in Washington’s Trump-era hostility.


  • SOLVING DOMESTIC ISSUES FIRST : Mr. Biden’s preoccupation will be on his domestic agenda in a country divided down the middle.
  • RISING DISCONTENT : Half the electorate is seething with discontent stoked by Mr. Trump.
  • QUICK RESOLUTIONS : Mr. Biden must deal urgently with the novel coronavirus pandemic, the economy and race relations.
  • MAINTAINING EQUILIBRIUM : In his short tenure, he must work for a more equal society though Mr. Trump has packed the Supreme and Federal Courts with reactionary nominees.
  • ECONOMIC DIVIDE : The 2,497 counties that voted for Mr. Trump generate only 29% of GDP, while 477 counties won by Mr. Biden contribute 70%, revealing the economic divide even as the stock market registers record gains.

Decoding Biden’s Policy Den for India and the World | UPSC


      IASbhai Windup: 


  • RESTORING CREDIBILITY : Mr. Biden’s office can endorse or reject treaties, and can frustrate restoration of membership of the World Health Organization, the Iran nuclear deal.
  • The United States, not Britain, is the nation of shopkeepers.
  • ECONOMIC PROSPECTS : American business regards China as a major market and driver of its economic prospects, as do Japan and Australia.
  • VIABILITY OF QUAD : Without the impetus, driven for blatant political purposes, of the Trump administration, the future viability of the Quad formation is in doubt.
  • PLURALISTIC MULTI-ALIGNMENT : New Delhi should concentrate on building its economy and re-set its external relations, reverting to the recently discarded formula of pluralist multi-alignment.
       SOURCES:   THE HINDU EDITORIAL HUNT | Decoding Biden’s Policy Den for India and the World | UPSC


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