Can Ncert Cover Everything for UPSC


It is said that it can make up foundational blocks of your UPSC preparation but my nose smells something different out of it; these books cover your left out portion in the schools too 😉


  • UPSC has a clear syllabus out there in front of you . 
  • Some of you might feel like doing a Phd in these NCERT’s and that could make my preparation far better than others .
  • Come out of that dream ; These books are just like starters in a 5star hotel . 
  • MAIN-course is still waiting for you and trust me its delicious.


Though these books look quite huge and bulky some a times while carrying them from a bookstall to the home but infect these books have always been allowed not more than 3 to 4 months by any you !

Why is that ?

I) the aspects which NCERT discusses are more random
EX: silk route map is so diluted in OUR PAST BOOK1

ii)there are some NCERT we still buy though they are not necessary at all


There area some alternatives in subjects like History and Geography
(Ex: Tamilnadu state textbooks are little more sorted out than NCERT’s when it comes to clarity of picture )


  • This is another hype or a myth which aspirants usually get stuck in !
  • These add-ons can never give a perfect shape to your concepts until and unless you have cleared your concepts in the first GO!


  • Same as above ! But there is some catch here , there are few things to go through which I am going to list them down separately

       Chubby books:  

  • YEAH ! There are some books like BIOLOGY 12th standard , THEMES OF INDIAN HISTORY . 
  • These books have so much longevity that each year a question appears from them but again that doesn’t mean you have absorbed whole HISTORY 


These books will surely give you some or the other hint in UPSC PRELIMS while solving MCQ’s.  the quotes of economics NCERT’s will surely let you boost the introduction while you are in mains!


  • The ability to judge the questions difficulty will come only through reading NCERT .
  • Aspirants find it more vulnerable question paper if the question appears outside these books plus standard books .
  • Aspirants find the question paper easy if more questions are dropped down from NCERT.
With that being said its the time for the  VERDICT:
NCERT’s are the cornerstone of UPSC preparation , they can be your friend indeed but only with revising them multiple times .