AK-203 Assault Rifles and Ka-226T Helicopters _ UPSC

AK-203 Assault Rifles and Ka-226T Helicopters | UPSC


Russia agrees to speed up defence deals

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Long-pending contracts for AK-203 assault rifles and Ka-226T light utility helicopters figure in talks

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Defence


For PRELIMS go through the specifications of each . Numbers are not important .

For MAINS do you think ordinance board and DRDO should be integrated for world class manufacturing ecosystem ?


Russia has agreed to quickly address some urgent defence requirements sought by India and this was discussed during the recent trip of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh  

AK-203 Assault Rifles and Ka-226T Helicopters | UPSC
Reaffirming ties: Rajnath Singh with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Yury Ivanovich Borisov.


The deal was for over 7.5 lakh rifles, of which one lakh would be imported and 6.71 lakh rifles manufactured by a joint venture (JV) Indo-Russian Rifles Private Ltd. (IRRPL) at Korwa in Uttar Pradesh.

  • This an advanced version of AK-47.
  • It’s magazine can hold 30 bullets.
  • The gun has an effective range of 400 metre and is considered 100% accurate.
  • It will be lighter and shorter than an INSAS rifle.
  • AK-203 variant of the Kalashnikov family of rifles.

The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) owns the controlling stakes of 50.5% while Kalashnikov owns 42% stake followed by 7.5% stake owned by Rosonboron export. 


  • 3.8 Kg weight (without accessories and with an empty magazine)
  • A firing range of 800 m
  • Firing rate of 700 rounds over minute
  • A barrel length of 415 mm
  • A Folding buttstock
  • A total length of 943 mm and width 704 mm
  • A standard plastic 30 round magazine


  • The Ka-226T is a light, twin-engine multi-role helicopter offered by Russian Helicopters, for military and civilian missions.
  • The military version of Ka-226T is designed for operation in hard-to-reach upland conditions as well as hot and cold climates.
  • The Ka-226T is produced by Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise and is currently in service with the Russian Air Force.

  It performs surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue (SAR), targeting, and transportation of cargo and troops.


  • Helicopter has new avionics with multifunctional displays
  • Automatic control system
  • Navigation system and radar.
  • It can be equipped with hoist system, helicopter sling, searchlight,additional external fuel tank.
  • For search and rescue missions helicopter can be equipped with medical module.


  • Power for the Ka-226T comes from two Turbomeca Arrius 2G1 engines.
  • The rotorcraft is equipped with engine fire protection system and fire warning system.
  • The helicopter can fly at a maximum speed of 250km/h and cruise speed of 220km/h. 

The deal for 200 Ka-226T utility helicopters remains stuck over the level of indigenisation.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • During the Defence Expo 2020 in Lucknow, Major-General Sengar (Retd.) announced that the IRRPL facility in Amethi would produce the AK-203 at an annual rate of 75,000 carbines a year for a period of 10 years in total.
  • Russia and India are evaluating the possibility of using Indian aviation materials in the production in India, which will give the programme a new indigenisation angle and also an impetus to the domestic aero industry.

Of the 200 helicopters, 60 will be imported directly and the remaining will be manufactured by a JV between Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. and the Russian Helicopters (RH).

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