‘Aditya’ _ India’s solar ferry UPSC

‘Aditya’ : India’s solar ferry


India’s solar ferry sails into global contest

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‘Aditya’, representing Asia in the Gustave Trouvé Awards event, is from Kerala

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For PRELIMS go through the award and the personality who is an engineer and his achievements . Though it is of less priority but still ! To be on a safer side , You need to look out each and every aspect of the same !

For MAINS nothing much here .


Silent performer: It is a winner on costs.

  • India’s first solar-powered ferry, Aditya, which became an icon on the Vaikom-Thavanakadavu route in Kerala, is among 12 such ferries that have been shortlisted for the Gustave Trouvé Award.
  • It is the sole entrant from Asia.
  • There are three award categories: one for electric boats up to 8m in length, electric boats more than 8 m long and electric ferry boats (passenger boats), the category in which Aditya is in the fray.


  Gussies Electric Boat Awards were instituted in memory of Gustave Trouvé, a French electrical engineer and pioneer in electric cars and boats.

  • Trouvé was a prolific inventor with over 75 patents.
  • Back in 1881, he developed a 5-m-long prototype electric boat.


  • Operated by the Kerala State Water Transport Department (KSWTD), the vessel was built by Navalt Solar and Electric Boats, Kochi.
  • Buoyed by the success of the ferry and its rock bottom operating cost, the department is expected to roll out more such vessels in the future.
  • “As a public transport solar-electric ferry, it has proven its performance in its third year, transporting 11 lakh passengers and clocking a distance of 70,000 km, without a single drop of fossil fuel.
  • It thus saved KSWTD over 1 lakh litres of diesel.”

The per km energy cost of Aditya is low, and the ferry normally operates 22 trips a day, covering a total of 66 km, carrying 75 passengers per trip.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • It needs just ₹180 per day in energy cost, compared to about ₹8,000 for a diesel-run ferry of similar size.
  • It is unusual for a high technology product to have such a low break-even period.

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