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Accelerate Vigyan Scheme | UPSC


‘Accelerate Vigyan’ to strengthen scientific research mechanism

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This inter-ministerial scheme gives more thrust on encouraging high-end scientific research and preparing scientific manpower

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Science & Technology


For PRELIMS look out for the components in this scheme.

For MAINS what are the major hurdles in research and development for Phd Students ?


AV will initiate and strengthen mechanisms of identifying research potential, mentoring, training and hands-on workshop on a national scale.



To provide a single platform for research internships, capacity building programs, and workshops across the country, a new scheme has been launched called -‘Accelerate Vigyan’ (AV).


Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)


The primary objective of this inter-ministerial scheme is to give more thrust on encouraging high-end scientific research and preparing scientific manpower, which can lead to research careers and knowledge-based economy.


There is a plan to organize about 1000 high-end workshops (dedicated to certain themes) to provide opportunities to about 25,000 postgraduate and doctoral students in the next five years.


“The vision is to expand the research base, with three broad goals, namely, consolidation / aggregation of all scientific programs, initiating high-end orientation workshops, and creating opportunities for research internships for those who do not have access to such resources / facilities,”.

‘Accelerate Vigyan’ Scheme | UPSC



  • As for the ‘ABHYAAS’ programme, it is an attempt to boost research and development in the country.
  • This is by enabling and grooming potential PG/PhD students by means of developing their research skills in selected areas across different disciplines or fields.


1.KARYASHALA कार्यशाला (High – End Workshops)

  • It is an effort to improve research productivity of promising PG and Ph.D. students from universities and colleges through high-end workshops on specific themes.

2.VRITIKA वृतिका (Research Internships)

  • It is the call for initiation and practice in science through research internships. This program aims to provide opportunities to promising PG students from universities and colleges to get an exposure and hands-on research experience.

This is especially important for those researchers who have limited opportunities to access such learning capacities / facilities / infrastructure.

SAMOOHAN समूहन (Bring Together)

  • Mission ‘SAMOOHAN’ marks the beginning of Accelerate Vigyan.
  • It aims to encourage, aggregate and consolidate all scientific interactions in the country under one common roof.
  • This mission, through its wide knowledge base, caters to a varied audience – R&D Departments, Institutes in Science & Technology as well as Stakeholders – mentors, coordinators, participants and students.


1.SANGOSHTHI संगोष्ठी (Seminar & Symposia)

  • ‘SANGOSHTHI’ is designed to facilitate the scientific community to establish an interaction with other individuals and research groups to enhance knowledge exchange.

2.SAYONJIKA संयोजिका (Chronicle)

  • ‘SAYONJIKA’ is an integrated initiative to catalogue the capacity building activities in Science and Technology supported by Government funding agencies in the country.


  • Also, central coordination of internships in these institutions will provide opportunity to another 1000 potential postgraduate students every year.
  • Thus, an Inter-Ministerial Overseeing Committee (IMOC) involving all the scientific ministries/departments and a few others has been constituted for the purpose of supporting SERB in implementing the AV scheme in a successful manner.

      IASbhai WINDUP:

  • The institution is also planning to launch an app for this in the coming two months.
  • The scheme also seeks to garner the social responsibility of the scientific community in the country.
  • As part of this acceleration drive in collaboration with premier scientific institutions and laboratories is also planned.
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