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3rd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis | Prelims & Mains 2020

Leopard capture and translocation


Three-fold increase in leopard capture, translocation: study

      WHY IN NEWS:

Policy guidelines brought out by Government of India to mitigate human-leopard conflict had little impact on the ground

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Man Animal Conflict : Conservation of biodiversity


The number of leopards captured per month increased more than threefold (from 1.5 to 4.6) after the human-leopard policy guidelines were brought out in 2011.


  • A study conducted across Karnataka indicates, there was a threefold increase in the number of leopards translocated per month (from 1 to 3.5).

Capture and translocation continue despite a policy guideline on reducing such exercises. 

  • Policy guidelines brought out to mitigate human-leopard conflict and discourage translocation of the animal have had little impact on the ground.
  • In Karnataka, 357 leopards were in conflict situations and were captured between 2009 and 2016.
  • Of these, 268 were translocated in contravention of the spirit of the policy, 34 were captured and kept in captivity, while 12 died during the capture.


  • The study found that out of 357 leopards captured across 23 of the 30 districts in the State during 2009-16.
  • A majority (79%) of them occurred in Mysuru, Udupi, Hassan, Tumakuru, Ramanagaram, Ballari, Koppal, and Mandya districts.
  • Of the 268 leopards translocated, many were moved to protected areas (59.7%) and some to reserved/State/minor forests (29.8%).
  • The highest number of translocations occurred into the Bandipur Tiger Reserve (22.5%), followed by the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve (20.6%).

Though reasons attributed to capture and translocation of leopards, the main justification was livestock depredation (38.1%).

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • The study indicated that of the 80 leopards translocated to reserved/State/minor forests.
  • Most releases were to the Kemphole Reserved Forest (16.2%), followed by the Devarayanadurga State Forest (7.5%) and the Bukkapatna State Forest (5%).
     SOURCES:THE HINDU | 3rd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis


Hygiene and immunity take priority in food habits: survey

      WHY IN NEWS:

A Webinar explores key trends during the pandemic



Health and hygiene are the primary concerns among consumers today


  • As work and life adjust to a new normal, people are looking for long-term solutions.

The companies are looking at launching disinfection devices using ultraviolet-C radiation.

  • This incorporates hygiene and mindful practices into food habits– from a survey of 150 food experts across the country.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • The focus is now on family meals, smart meals, and discretionary product purchases like microwave appliances and ovens.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU | 3rd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Good conduct is key to early release : SC


Good conduct is key to early release: SC

      WHY IN NEWS:

‘Jail term should not be only factor’



The length of a prison sentence or the gravity of the crime cannot be the sole basis for denying a convict premature release from jail


  • The verdict was by three-judge Bench of Justices N.V. Ramana, Surya Kant and Hrishikesh Roy.

The proclivity to commit a crime upon release “must be based on antecedents as well as the conduct of the prisoner while in jail.

  • This is not merely on his age or apprehensions of the victims and witnesses.


  • Society has a right to lead a peaceful and fearless life, without free-roaming criminals creating havoc in the lives of ordinary peace-loving citizens.
  • But equally strong is the foundation of reformative theory, which propounds that a civilised society cannot be achieved only through punitive attitudes and vindictiveness.”

The court said reformative justice should not merely focus on public harmony, but should foster brotherhood and mutual acceptability.

First-time offenders should especially be given a second chance at life.

First-time offenders ought to be liberally accorded a chance to repent their past and look forward to a bright future.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • The judgment came in a plea made by two prisoners who gave been incarcerated for a botched kidnapping for ransom case in Uttar Pradesh.
  • They are in their early middle age with a record of good conduct in jail.
  • The court, ordering their release, said – “action of kidnapping was nothing but a fanciful attempt to procure easy money, for which they have learnt a painful life lesson”.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU | 3rd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Phased manufacturing programme (PMP)


Mobiles to get dearer as govt. slaps duty on panels‘Prices may rise by 3% on 10% levy’.

      WHY IN NEWS:

The duty on display assembly and touch panel was proposed to be applied from October 1.

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Tax Duty : Scheme


Mobile phone prices are expected to rise about 3% as the government has imposed 10% duty on the import of displays, industry body ICEA

  • The duty on display assembly and touch panel was proposed to be applied from October 1 under a phased manufacturing programme (PMP) .
  • PMP was announced in 2016 in consensus with the mobile manufacturing industry.


  • The Budget 2015-16 introduced a differential Excise Duty for domestic mobile manufacturers.
  • Under this, the Countervailing Duty (CVT) on imports at 12.5%.
  • Excise Duty at 1% without input tax credit (or 12.5% with input tax credit) were given to domestic cell phone manufacturers.
  • This was done because earlier it was cheaper to import mobile components .

This pact exempts duties from several IT products.


  • The PMP aims to take this growth story to a new level.
  • The PMP would be rolled out over a period of time in a phase-wise manner.

PMP covers domestic production of components like Mechanics, Die Cut Parts, Microphone and Receiver, Key Pad and USB Cable.

  • In 2018-19, it covered printed circuit board assembly, camera module and connectors.
  • While in 2019-20, the PMP would provide incentives for local production of display assembly, touch panel/cover glass assembly and vibrator motor or ringer.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • It is estimated that the value of India’s domestic mobile handset manufacturing industry would grow exponentially over the next 5-10 years.
  • At present, India imports basic chipset for mobile handsets but there has been a spurt in the production of other mobile components.

Over the next 10-12 years, PMP aims to make India a manufacturing hub of mobile components.

  • This will lead India to a “robust indigenous mobile manufacturing ecosystem.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU | 3rd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis


IBBI bat for ARCs bidding


IBBI bat for ARCs bidding on stressed assets

      WHY IN NEWS:

The association of ARCs has also written to the RBI, seeking a clarification on why the RBI rejected UV ARC’s resolution plan for Aircel.

MINISTRY? :- Ministry of Corporate Affairs


The RBI recently rejected a resolution plan for distressed telecom player Aircel by UV ARC, noting that the acquisition did not conform with the guidelines of SARFAESI Act.


  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has asked the central bank to permit Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) to bid for stressed assets under the Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code (IBC)..
  • The primary role envisaged for ARCs under the SARFAESI Act is to acquire bad loans from lenders.

These conduct recoveries, thereby helping banks clean up their balance sheets and carry out normal banking activities. 

  • There are going to be very few resolution applicants for distressed companies because of the state of the economy.
  • To prevent ARCs from participating at this stage would be counter-productive.
  • Preventing ARCs from directly investing in distressed companies would also negatively impact the participation of foreign investors in the distressed assets market.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • Under current regulations, Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) are not allowed to bid for equity in stressed companies directly.
  • Though they can acquire equity through conversion of debt into equity.
  • Allowing ARCs to participate would improve the probability of distressed companies receiving resolution plans.
     SOURCES:IE | 3rd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis


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