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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
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2nd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis | Prelims & Mains 2020

National butterfly


Poll to select national butterfly takes wing

      WHY IN NEWS:

Seven winged beauties are on the final list chosen by nature lovers in country

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Conservation of Biodiversity : Flora and Fauna


A citizen campaign to drum up support for identifying a national butterfly has gained momentum with close to half a lakh people joining the movement


  • The National Butterfly Campaign has revived focus on the relevance of the charming, scaly winged insects in enhancing biodiversity.

India is yet to designate a national butterfly despite being home to over 1,300 species belonging to six butterfly families.

  • Several countries, including Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Bhutan, have national butterflies.
  • The National Butterfly Campaign Consortium prepared a long-list of 50 butterflies that was further trimmed to seven.


  • Krishna Peacock (Papilio krishna)
  • Indian Jezebel or Common Jezebel (Delias eucharis)
  • Orange Oakleaf (Kallima inachus)
  • Five-bar Swordtail (Graphium antiphates)
  • Indian Nawab, Yellow Gorgon and
  • Northern Junglequeen (Stichophthalma camadeva) are the contenders for the premier position.

2nd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Common Jezebel

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • A country-wide online poll that commenced on September 11 to identify the most-favoured butterfly species has currently generated 42,090 votes.
  • Maharashtra recording the highest number — 16,210.
  • Several people have also cast their votes in West Bengal (3,029) and Karnataka (2,435), while 786 from Kerala have also joined the campaign.
  • The public poll, which can be accessed on, will continue till October 8.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | 2nd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Nanofiber yarns


IIT-M makes sutures with nanofiber yarns

      WHY IN NEWS:

These are bio-absorbable and can deliver a higher load of antibiotics

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Nano Science : Nano-technology


The nanofiber yarn based suture developed by IIT-M researchers.


  • A team of researchers at IIT Madras is ready with a prototype of suture thread made of nanofiber yarns.

This is bio-absorbable and can deliver a higher load of antibiotics and/or therapeutics at the site itself.

  • The suture material uses nanofibers woven as yarn using certain specific techniques, and the strength can be varied depending on the target tissue (skin, muscle, cartilage)
  • Each strand has a good tensile strength, besides degrading rapidly and mimics the collagen fibrils of body tissues.
  • Several innovations globally in suture material have advanced infection control and achieved in some cases, better recovery among patients.
  • Even as other options such as staples, glues and strips have become available.


Nanofiber yarns are thread-like structures formed by twisting together hundreds of nanofibers.

  • In tissue engineering thread like structures are created by twisting nanofibers together using custom-made machinery.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • Several experiments were done to prove its compatibility, mechanical strength, stem cell interaction and immune responses.
  • Experiments on antibacterial property also were done to check compatible with prescribed norms in surgical procedure.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | 2nd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

ICGS Kanaklata Barua


GRSE’s fast patrol vessel ICGS Kanaklata Barua commissioned

      WHY IN NEWS:

GRSE, a Mini Ratna Category 1 company and a leading shipyard, delivered the vessel to the Indian Coast Guard .



GRSE, a Mini Ratna Category 1 company and a leading shipyard, delivered the vessel to the Indian Coast Guard


  • The “ICGS Kanaklata Barua” was commissioned at the GRSE Fitting Out Jetty (FOJ) Unit .


‘ICGS Kanaklata Barua’, a vessel built by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited (GRSE), Kolkata.

  • It is in the series of five fast patrol vessels (FPV) for the Indian coast was commissioned on Wednesday.
  • This takes the organisation’s delivery count to 105 warships.


The FPVs are medium-range surface vessels with a length of 50 m, a width of 7.5 m and displacement of around 308 T.

  • These powerful, fuel-efficient platforms are designed to perform multipurpose operations .

Patrolling, anti-smuggling, anti-poaching, and rescue operations.

  • “The vessels are designed for a maximum speed of 34 knots with an endurance of more than 1,500 nautical miles.”


  • The vessel is equipped with three main engines of MTU make and built at GRSE with advanced control systems.
  • It also supports ‘Water Jet’ units and an ‘Integrated Bridge System’ integrating all communication and navigation systems.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • The ship is fitted with 40/60 gun as the main armament.
     SOURCES:IE | 2nd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Malabar drills


No decision yet on Australia’s participation in Malabar drills

      WHY IN NEWS:

Quad countries will hold a ministerial meeting this month

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 2 : 3 : IR : Defence : Exercises


MALABAR EXERCISE – Trilateral naval exercises between India, the U.S. and Japan.


  • The inclusion of Australia in the Malabar Exercise — the trilateral naval exercises between India, the U.S. and Japan — was still being discussed.
  • The ‘Quad’ — India, Australia, the U.S. and Japan — the countries will discuss a comprehensive set of issues.
  • The actual agenda is going to be kept “close-hold” [a security classification] among the countries.


  • The Quad partnership are “increasingly strong”, The agenda would cover defence, economic areas and, especially, COVID-19.
  • India has been reluctant to include Australia in the Malabar naval exercises, which include three of the four Quad members.
  • A militarisation of the Quad could be viewed by China as a strategy to contain it, not something India has wanted to do.
  • The agenda for the U.S.-India 2+2 ministerial dialogue is expected to be “comprehensive, wide-ranging and strategic”.

It will include defence topics, diplomatic cooperation, cooperation at multilateral forums, economic cooperation, space and technology and people to people cooperation.

  • Providing an overview of the ‘U.S.-India Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership’ the official called the relationship “one of the most important partnerships in the world”.


  • India and other G4 countries (Brazil, Germany and Japan) declared that they were looking for text-based negotiations and results within specified time frames for UN Security Council reform.
  • The U.S. has supported India’s quest for a permanent seat on the Security Council.

The United States welcomes India joining the UN Security Council in 2021 for a two-year term.

  • USA supports a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 


  • We encourage India and China to use their existing bilateral channels to discuss those and not resort to military force.
  • We strongly oppose any unilateral attempts to advance territorial claims by incursions ( by military or civilian incursions) across the border
     SOURCES:THE HINDU  | 2nd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Manufacturing PMI


Manufacturing PMI sees fastest growth in 8 years

      WHY IN NEWS:

Sept. survey shows more job cuts



Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) increased from 52.0 in August to 56.8 in September — highest since January 2012.

  • It has touched a more than eight-and-a-half-year high supported by accelerated increases in new orders and production.
  • India’s manufacturing sector activity improved for the second straight month in September.


  • The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) is an index of the prevailing direction of economic trends in the manufacturing and service sectors.

It consists of a diffusion index that summarizes whether market conditions, as viewed by purchasing managers, are expanding, staying the same, or contracting. 

  • The purpose of the PMI is to provide information about current and future business conditions to company decision makers, analysts, and investors.


  • The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is a measure of the prevailing direction of economic trends in manufacturing.

The PMI is based on a monthly survey of supply chain managers across key industries, covering both upstream and downstream activity.

  • The value and movements in the PMI and its components can provide useful insight to business decision makers, market analysts, and investors


  • The upturn in total sales was supported by a renewed expansion in new export orders, the first since prior to the escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Exports also bounced back, following six successive months of contraction. 

  • While inputs were purchased at a sharper rate and business confidence strengthened.
  • Despite strong growth of order book volumes, Indian goods producers signalled another reduction in payroll numbers.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

Employment has now decreased for six consecutive months.

  • While uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic remains, producers can at least for now enjoy the recovery.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU | 2nd Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

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