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28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis | Prelims & Mains 2021

How Bangladesh has reduced gap ?


How Bangladesh has reduced gap — and is now projected to go past India

      WHY IN NEWS:

Taking a long view, it is evident that the economic growth of Bangladesh has been steady over the past four decades. Following some turbulence in the years after independence due to famine and natural disasters, overall progress since the 1990s has been good.



United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (in)famously branded Bangladesh as a “bottomless basket” soon after independence.


  • About two years ago, India’s Home Minister spoke of “infiltrators” who were hollowing out the country “like termites”.

The IMF’s recent per capita GDP projections for South Asian countries show that the alleged ‘termite factory’ is shining — Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh has been doing better than both India and Pakistan on social and human development indicators for several years now, is also beginning to march ahead on the economic front.


  • Bangladesh had been outshining its larger neighbours on indicators such as infant mortality, child immunisation, female literacy and total fertility rate.
  • When the nation was born in 1971, the average Bangladeshi could expect to live for only 46.5 years, two years less than the average Indian.

By 2018, life expectancy in Bangladesh had risen to 72 years, two years more than India’s.

  • Bangladesh lagged behind India in only one major economic dimension — income per capita, which in 2015 was approximately 25% less than India’s.
  • But if the IMF’s latest projections are accurate, the gap is set to disappear, and Bangladesh and India are expected to be neck and neck until 2025.


  • The economic story of Bangladesh has not always been optimistic.

Soon after independence, then , and development pundits did not believe that an overcrowded country with very few natural resources .

  • These prophesies obviously did not account for incremental improvements in social and economic indicators over time.

28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Source: Bangladesh Bank

  • POLITICAL WILL : From 2009 onward, the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has demonstrated a strong political will to uproot Islamic terrorism and establish peace.
  • MACROECONOMIC STABILITY : Along with a sustained policy commitment to macroeconomic stability through prudent fiscal and international debt management.
  • MANUFACTURING BOOM : Expansion of the social security net and execution of mega infrastructure projects have boosted the economy.
  • BALANCING ACT : One of the Prime Minister’s most significant achievements has been to successfully balance the competing interests of India, China, Japan, Russia and the US.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

This has allowed Bangladesh to protect its national interest and develop a win-win political and economic rapport with major global powers.

     SOURCES:THE IE | 28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Why MNCs want natural gas under GST ?


Why energy MNCs want natural gas to come under GST

      WHY IN NEWS:

Experts have argued that bringing natural gas under the GST would lead to a reduction in the cascading impact of taxes on industries such as power and steel, which used natural gas as an input.

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Energy : Natural Gas


The inclusion of natural gas under the GST regime would do away with the central excise duty and different value added taxes imposed by states.

  • Currently petrol, diesel, aviation turbine fuel, natural gas and crude oil fall outside India’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime.
  • Government officials have also indicated that the government is considering bringing natural gas under the ambit of the GST regime.


  • Natural gas under the GST would lead to a reduction in the cascading impact of taxes on industries such as power and steel, which used natural gas as an input.

The inclusion of natural gas under the GST regime would do away with the central excise duty and different value added taxes imposed by states.

  • This would lead to an increase in the adoption of natural gas in line with the government’s stated goal to increase the share of natural gas in the country from 6.3% to 15%.


Central Excise duty is levied on goods produced or manufactured within the country.

  • Custom duty applies to the goods that are sold in India but were produced in a different country.

Excise duty is to be paid by the manufacturer of the goods and not by the consumer.

  • Custom duty is to be paid by the importer of the goods.
  • A number of provisions are common for excise duty and custom duty with the major difference being the place of production of the goods in question.
  • Non-payment of your excise duty on time can lead to huge financial repercussions.
  • According to the laws related to excise duty, the amount of penalty can be anywhere between 25 to 50 percent of the amount of tax evaded.
  • Usually, the excise duty itself is a big amount and when the penalty is calculated as a percentage of it, it can be of substantial value.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

The energy consumption per capita in India is just 30 per cent of the world average.

     SOURCES:THE IE | 28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

National Conference on Vigilance and Anti Corruption


PM inaugurates National Conference on Vigilance and Anti Corruption

      WHY IN NEWS:

  • India has Zero Tolerance Approach to Corruption: PM
  • Administration should be transparent, responsible, accountable, answerable to the public inorder to fight corruption: PM
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 2 : 4 : Governance : Integrity


Punitive Vigilance is better than Preventive Vigilance: PM


  • Corruption across generations a major hurdle in the progress of the country.


The event was organized by the Central Bureau of Investigation focusing on Vigilance issues aimed at raising awareness.


This year the theme is – “सतर्क भारतसमृद्ध भारत – Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat (Vigilant India, Prosperous India)”.

  • This theme was finalized after putting the suggestive themes on the website and obtaining the opinion of Chief Vigilance Officers.


The three day conference would discuss the Challenges 

  • In investigation in foreign jurisdictions
  • Preventive Vigilance as a Systemic Check against Corruption
  • Systemic improvements for financial inclusion and prevention of bank frauds
  • Effective Audit as an Engine of Growth

Latest amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act as an impetus to the fight against corruption

  • Capacity Building and Training;
  • Multi Agency Coordination-an enabler for faster and more effective Investigation;
  • Emerging Trends in Economic Offences
  • Cyber Crimes and Transnational Organized Crime-measures to Control
  • Exchange of Best Practices among Criminal Investigative Agencies.


  • The Commission believes that corruption is a major hindrance to the progress of the nation.
  • All sections of society need to be vigilant in order to uphold integrity in all aspects of our national life.
  • The Commission desires that all organisations focus on internal (housekeeping) activities.

These activities are to be taken up in campaign mode as part of the Vigilance Awareness Week this year.

  • This includes improvement of internal processes, time bound disposal of work and systemic improvements leveraging technology.

Commission emphasises making all processes transparent .

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

  • The Conference shall bring policy makers and practitioners on a common platform and will act as an enabler to combat corruption through systemic improvements .
  • It will also take preventive vigilance measures, thereby ushering in good governance and accountable administration.
     SOURCES: PIB | 28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Electronic Exchange of Customs Data Agreement


India Post and United States Postal Service (USPS) signs Agreement for Electronic Exchange of Customs Data related to postal shipments exchanged between the two countries

      WHY IN NEWS:

Hot from PIB !

MINISTRY? :-Ministry of Communications
SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3: Communication : Postal Services


Department of Posts, Government of India (India Post) and United States Postal Service (USPS) have entered into an agreement for Electronic Exchange of Customs data related to postal shipments.



  • The agreement aims to facilitate ‘ease of exports’ for small and large exporters through postal channels
  • This would enable customs clearance of postal items in advance in line with the evolving global postal framework.


The agreement will make it possible to transmit and receive electronic data of international postal items prior to their physical arrival at the destination.

  • This will also improve the performance of postal services in terms of reliability, visibility and security.

28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

  • USA is the top export destination for India (~17%) which is also reflected in exchange of goods through postal channel.
  • In 2019, around 20% of outbound EMS and 30% of Letters & Small Packets transmitted by India Post were destined to USA whereas 60% of the Parcels received by India Post were originated from USA.


  • Exchange of Electronic Advance Data (EAD) as per the Agreement will be a key driver towards promoting mutual trade with emphasis on the exports from different parts of India to USA .

USA is a major destination of MSME products, Gems , Jewellery, Pharmaceuticals and other local products from India.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

The primary objective that will be served by this agreement is to facilitate ‘ease of exports’ for small and large exporters through postal channels from different parts of the country.

  • This will contribute towards making India an Export Hub for the world.
  • This will fulfill a major demand of export industry to expedite customs clearances of export items.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | 28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

‘2+2’ talks


U.S. to support India’s defence of territory

      WHY IN NEWS:

The United States will support India to defend its territorial sovereignty and liberty, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said on Tuesday.



Pompeo raises security threat from China after ‘2+2’ talks



  • Mr. Pompeo said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is “no friend to democracy”.
  • USA also referred to the greater threats posed by China in the Asia-Pacific region and the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Apart from BECA, India and the U.S. also sealed an MoU on Technical Cooperation in Earth Observations and Earth Sciences.

Also an agreement was signed to extend duration of the MoU regarding the Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership.

  • The two sides also signed an agreement on electronic exchange of customs data and a letter of intent regarding cooperation in traditional Indian medicines.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

U.S. and India are taking steps to strengthen cooperation against all manner of threats and not just those posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | 28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Now, outsiders can buy land in J&K


Now, outsiders can buy land in J&K

      WHY IN NEWS:

Centre notifies new land laws



The Centre had been saying that Article 370 hampered development as investors were unable to purchase land prior to August 5, 2019.


  • People, including investors, outside Jammu and Kashmir can now purchase land in the Union Territory .

New land laws for the region, ending the exclusive rights enjoyed by the local population over land under the now-diluted Article 370.

  • Under the new J&K Development Act, the Centre has omitted the term “permanent resident of the State”.
  • This will pave the way for investors outside J&K to invest in the Union Territory.

28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis


  • The Act enables transfer of land “in favour of a person or an institution for the purpose of promotion of healthcare or senior secondary or higher or specialised education in J&K”.

According to amendments made to the Jammu & Kashmir Land Revenue Act, Samvat, 1996”, only agriculturists of J&K can purchase agricultural land.

  • No sale, gift, exchange, or mortgage of the land shall be valid in favour of a person who is not an agriculturist,”.
  • “No land used for agriculture purposes shall be used for any non-agricultural purposes except with the permission of the district collector.”

Under a new provision, an Army officer not below the rank of Corps Commander can declare an area as “Strategic Area” within a local area.

  • Strategic Area will be only for direct operational and training requirements of the armed forces.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 


  • The People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) condemned the amendments.
  • We strongly condemn the repealing of the J&K land laws and stripping permanent residents of exclusive right to acquire and hold immovable property.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | 28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

Thiruvayamkudy temple


Thiruvayamkudy temple authorities unearth many objects

      WHY IN NEWS:

Elephant skeleton, Chinese pots found at temple cellar

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 1 : Art and Culture


Elephant bones recovered from the basement of the Thiruvayamkudy Mahadeva temple.


  • A recent attempt to restore the Thiruvayamkudy Mahadeva temple, near Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam, appears to have brought to light an interesting facet of history associated with the centuries-old structure.
  • The temple authorities have unearthed several objects, including the skeleton of an elephant, its chain and other wooden articles from a basement in the temple complex here.
  • Several wooden articles, Chinese pots of different sizes and lamps made of bell metal too have been recovered from the vault.
  • A team of forest officials visited the location and commenced efforts to conduct radiocarbon dating of the animal’s remnants.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

We will cover this issue once again. Right now we have little information about this .

     SOURCES:THE HINDU | 28th Oct Current Affairs News Analysis

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