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Hottest day in Arctic


Hottest day in Arctic: WMO official warns of more extreme weather

      WHY IN NEWS:

As Verkhoyansk in Siberia recorded 38°C, governments must remember how a hotter Arctic region can affect the whole world

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 1:3:Climate Change : Global Warming


When the mercury rose to 38 degrees Celsius in Verkhoyansk in Siberia on June 20, 2020, it was reported as the highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic Circle region.

Northern Polar Circle Globe on Vikingen island marking the Arctic Circle in Norway. Siberia recorded record-high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. Photo: Wikipedia

  • The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is assessing the veracity of this measurement which would verify the claim.
  • The Arctic region has experienced repeated heat waves in the last few months, with average temperature in Siberia 10°C above normal in May 2020.

The Arctic region is warming at twice the rate as compared to the rest of the planet due to feedback mechanism known as the Arctic amplification.

  • A major chunk of this warming is a result of heat getting trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere due to increasing emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities.


  • The climate in the Arctic region also impacts weather systems further south through the changing nature of the Arctic jet stream, which is a band of winds over the region that usually keeps the region insulated from winds in the lower latitudes.
  • Due to the warming, this jet stream is becoming wavy and allowing its cold winds to get out — and warm winds from outside to get in — thereby disrupting long-term weather conditions everywhere.


  • Temperatures of that magnitude have occurred but simply haven’t been measured.
  • Temperatures to the tune of 38°C value in the Arctic over the length of observed temperature records of approximately 150 years.


  • The Arctic is one of the more climatically sensitive regions of the Earth.
  • As warmer temperatures create less and less snow cover for the area, the feedback response (less white to reflect sunlight) can cause continually increasing temperatures.
  • Overall global temperature increase is primarily the result of human activity, we, the human race, have to take responsibility for these extremes.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 

Unfortunately, unless governments and countries change their policies, more frequent extremes of this type will be observed.

     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | Current Affairs News Analysis | Prelims & Mains 2020

UN-75 declaration delayed


UN-75 declaration delayed

      WHY IN NEWS:

Six countries oppose a ‘Chinese’ phrase in the document



The Five Eyes — the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada — along with India, objected to the use of a phrase “shared vision of a common future”, associated with China.  

Five Eyes UN
Security Council meeting at the UN headquarters in New York. 

  In a battle of and for words, a commemorative declaration marking the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter was delayed as member states could not reach an agreement on phraseology.

  • The document still stands a chance of passing on the June 26th anniversary if no objections are raised to an alternatively worded statement before 6 pm New York time.
  • The phrase, “community with a shared future for mankind” is closely associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and especially Chinese President Xi Jinping as an articulation of the country’s vision for the world.
  • While objecting to the language that is apparently inspired by the CPC ideology is not new, the current impasse comes at a time when China’s relationships with a number of democracies, including India, Australia and the U.S., are strained.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 


The objecting countries wanted the resolution to read, “We will work together with partners to strengthen coordination and global governance for the common good of present and future generations and to realize our shared vision for a better future as envisaged in the preamble of the UN Charter.”

     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | Current Affairs News Analysis | Prelims & Mains 2020

ASEAN states warn of S. China Sea tensions


ASEAN states warn of S. China Sea tensions

      WHY IN NEWS:

Online meeting of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) leaders on Friday.

SYLLABUS COVERED: GS 3:Health:Diseases : IR


Vietnam and the Philippines warned of growing insecurity in Southeast Asia at a regional summit on Friday amid concerns that China was stepping up its activity in the disputed South China Sea during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rising tensions: A beach ramp built by the Philippines on the island of Pag-asa, also known as Thitu, in the disputed South China Sea on June 9.


  • Both Hanoi and Manila lodged protests with China in April after Beijing unilaterally declared the creation of new administrative districts on islands in the troubled waterways to which Vietnam and the Philippines also have competing claims.
  • “Even as our region struggles to contain COVID-19, alarming incidents in the South China Sea occurred,” .
  • “We call on parties to refrain from escalating tensions and abide by responsibilities under international law,” .

  China has been pushing its presence in the Exclusive Economic Zones of other countries while claimants are preoccupied tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting the United States to call on China to stop its “bullying behaviour” there.

  •  Vietnam said one of its fishing boats was sunk by a Chinese maritime surveillance vessel.
  • China said that Vietnam’s claims in South China sea are illegal and “doomed to fail”.

      IASbhai WINDUP: 


  • “The pandemic is fanning the flames of dormant challenges within the political, economic and social environment of the world and in each region,” .
  • While the entire world is stretched thin in the fight against the pandemic, irresponsible acts and acts in violation of international law are still taking place.
     SOURCES:THE HINDU & PIB | Current Affairs News Analysis | Prelims & Mains 2020


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